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How to make the most of a small outdoor area

by John Saunders
23rd Nov 21 5:02 pm

London is a wonderful city. There’s a reason it’s featured in so many films and TV shows and why it so often tops people’s travel bucket lists. Vibrant, cosmopolitan, and filled with art and culture, it’s a fantastic place to live and work.

However, what these daydreams and depictions so often ignore is the reality of calling the UK capital home. As much as it has to offer, there are sacrifices for those who want to live here – most obviously, a decided lack of space.

Large and sprawling as it might be, London is a place where real estate is at a premium. The second most expensive city in the world for those looking to buy, it has an average cost per square metre of over £25,000.

Outdoor space is in even shorter supply, meaning most London-based homeowners have to make do with small to non-existent gardens. Even so, that shouldn’t stop you from making the most of yours. In this article, we look at some of the best ways to work with what you’ve got.

Add some outdoor furniture

Source: Moda Furnishings 

“Add some outdoor furniture?”, we hear you say. Yes, we know space is in short supply, but making the most of it doesn’t mean leaving it empty. The best part of having a garden is being able to sit outside and enjoy it, and you can’t do that if you have to park your bottom on cold, hard paving stones. Instead, shop around and find a smaller set of  outdoor furniture to suit. This should be all-weather appropriate, such as Moda’s Eton four-seat square coffee table with gas fire pit, so you’re able to leave it in-situ year-round. That last point is especially important because storage is likely to be less than plentiful.

Add some colour

Next up, it’s time to add some colour, and flowers are an obvious way to do that. That being said, you might find you’re lacking in space and soil, but that doesn’t matter at all. There are lots of planters out there, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Just like your furniture, it’s important to measure these and shop around to fit something that fits.

Once you’ve picked out some pretty pots, pay attention to the conditions in your outdoor area. Does it get a lot of sunshine or is it mostly in shade? Is it sheltered from the worst of the weather? This will help you to choose the plants that are most likely to thrive there.

Attract urban wildlife

Yes, you’re in the centre of London, but it’s amazing how many species live alongside us in our urban metropolis. If you have an outdoor area, you can help them, and London Wildlife Trust has lots of tips to point you in the right direction. According to them, there are more than three million gardens in the Greater London area, but in a worrying twist, many are turning from green to grey. They claim that by reversing this trend, city gardeners can work together to turn their outdoor areas into a network of mini nature reserves – and they want you to get involved.

Isn’t it time you transformed your outdoor area from dull and boring to green and thriving? With our top tips, the power is in your hands.

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