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How to drive your sales with event space in London

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4th Feb 21 3:07 pm

London is a perfect city to promote your business, even with the turbulent events of the past few years. This city draws millions of people from across the globe every year due to its strategic location as a global business hub. As the capital of the United Kingdom, London has seen many brands rise from mere startups to recognisable brands. This is partly attributed to the availability of a conducive business environment with so much event space for hire that businesses can take advantage of to drive sales.

You don’t have to be a big brand to take up event space in London. All you need is a good strategy and the will to go beyond the norm. Whether you are interested in event space in Mayfair or Shoreditch, you can be sure it is a worthy investment as you will attract significant footfall that you can convert to clients thus driving your sales.

Events are an excellent marketing strategy when you know how to make them work for your business. Whether you are a B2C or B2B organisation, you can tap into the power of events to drive sales.

Here are some of the most common approaches you can use to drive sales with event space in London:

Pop up events

Whether you set up a presence for a single day or several months, pop ups are a great opportunity to drive sales owing to their versatile nature. By setting up a pop up store, you are complimenting your regular sales as much as you are creating awareness for your brand. Moreover, with pop ups, you can be sure to capture those customers who did not know about your product but happened to be passing by as well as those who have been following you on social media. You can use this opportunity to offer discounts and increase sales.


Renting event venues in London does not limit you from doing some marketing and selling merchandise. Conferences present a unique opportunity to build relationships and foster loyalty among your clients while also being able to drive sales. You can take up an event space in London just to bring together your clientele to cultivate a sense of community as well as show them that you care. It may also be a good time to make a big announcement concerning the future of your brand or company among other things. In return, you can expect a boost in sales after the conference as people are more aware of your products and its features.

Product launches

What better way to launch a new product than hiring an event venue in London? Launching a new product is no mean feat. You need to make sure it happens in a big way and this may sometimes mean holding the launch out of the four walls of your office. When well-executed, your choice of event venue alone should be enough to generate a buzz around the launch. Moreover, people are more likely to pay attention when you take your launch to a good venue.

Seminar/training camps

Large companies that need to train sales staff or retailers on new product features can also take advantage of event spaces in London to do so. This may be a one day or week-long activity that is aimed at boosting sales because both that sales staff and retailers will be pushing sales for you long after the training. Similarly, you can also hold seminars when you want to promote thought leadership or education by industry experts.

Incentive events

You can hire event venues in London to host incentive events like an award ceremony or a gala dinner either for your team or selected customers. When your staff feel appreciated, they will be motivated to deliver even more. Salespeople, in particular, are mostly driven by incentives so by hosting incentive events regularly, you can be sure to see an increase in sales as they all work towards being named the best.

There is so much you can do with event spaces to drive sales. However, you need to know that no matter the approach you choose, you must have a good strategy so that in the end it is not just another event. Take time to plan, research the advantages and disadvantages of each of these approaches so that you have a clear picture of what to expect. Remember, you can also bring in the media to cover some of your events thus giving you great exposure that is enough to create awareness and drive sales.

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