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How to buy Instagram views that are real and automatic

by John Saunders
11th Nov 21 3:19 pm

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms today. It’s really not surprising since it’s also one that has the best-staying power, having been founded in 2010. To give you a point of comparison, TikTok was initially released in 2016.

This platform also has a colourful history. Long-time users would’ve seen the application slowly develop throughout the years. Case in point: what was once an exclusively photo-sharing site now allows video content as well.

It has completely changed the mechanics of the website itself. All of a sudden, the measure of engagement is not limited to likes and follows anymore. Views play an important role now, and we know the fastest way to get them.

We’ll share with you how to buy Instagram views that are real and automatic.

Before that we will share Best sites to buy Instagram views:


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What are Instagram views?

Instagram views are a unit of measurement that denotes how many times a unique user watches a posted video for more than three seconds. The good news is, it doesn’t even matter if it was viewed with the audio on or not.

As long as someone stumbles upon your video and views it for more than three seconds before scrolling it out of view, Instagram will count it as a view. Instagram will also count you as a view after you have watched your video.

The keyword, however, is “unique”. This means that multiple viewings won’t count.

Just think of a view as a like. It doesn’t matter how many times you like and unlike a post, right? In the end, it will still get counted as one like. But, I request to never buy fake Instagram likes and views.

Do not underestimate the power of views. According to the latest statistics, 70% of marketers plan to increase their investment in video posts due to their greater potential to attract new customers. Forbes also highly recommends it to small business owners to boost brand awareness and grow Instagram followers.

Why do you need to buy Instagram views?

Having said that, views can be quite difficult to accumulate, especially if you don’t have many followers yet. This is where buying Instagram views and likes can come in handy.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come without risks. Buying views from questionable companies that use bots to create engagement and bypass Instagram terms and conditions can get your account banned.

Instead, you would want to work with reputable and verified Instagram social media marketing companies that produce engagement results through real accounts managed by real people.

How to buy Instagram views

The first step towards buying Instagram views is to choose a reputable and verified Instagram company to work with. We recommend checking out reviews to ensure your account’s safety. Our personal favourites are Likes.io, Followers.io, and Stormlikes.net.

We’re sure that there are other social media marketing companies out there, but these three are what we have personally tried and tested in our social media campaigns.

Choose among the packages offered by these companies. You can expect them to ask for some of your Instagram credentials, such as your username and profile link. A legitimate company wouldn’t ask for your password, though.

Don’t forget to set your profile to public so they can access your account and deliver their promised engagement.

Finally, you can expect your views to increase in the next couple of days. Most companies will surely promise instant delivery.

However, since these views will be coming from real accounts and not automated bots, it is only natural for your engagement to grow gradually.

As a bonus, you can expect to buy Instagram followers, a normal perk for increasing any type of engagement in your account.

Buy Instagram views without getting banned

Buying IG views isn’t too complicated, but you have to ensure you aren’t buying views from bots.

Consider the companies we recommended above, as they assure views from real accounts.

The process of buying IG views from them is also quick and easy.


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