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How successful video conferences can boost your sales

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12th May 21 3:36 pm

We all know that a good conferencing service can help increase the cohesiveness of our teams and make things run smoother, but did you know that video conferences can also help boost your sales? Closing sales can be tough over the phone, but don’t worry—vide conferences can help fill that gap and facilitate more sales.

A video conference has the advantage of being accessible to just about anyone with an internet connection, so you can meet with potential clients anywhere in the world. Let’s take a closer look at how an online video conference call can boost your sales.

Clear communication

The great thing about video conferences is that there’s no confusion when it comes to communication. With video conferencing, you can see the person’s facial expressions and body language, which is actually incredibly important to communication. Body language can help determine someone’s overall impression towards you, and may help you close a sale.

Imagine you’re trying to sell a product to a new lead. You meet with them over the phone, but your sales pitch just doesn’t seem to be taking hold. You’ve pulled out all the stops, used all the right sales language…but still nothing. So, you invite them to a video conference instead.

Your caller seems immediately more interested as you rework your pitch. You can now see each other’s faces, judge body language, and predict reactions. Suddenly, your client is ready to sign. Your body language helped them feel more comfortable about the product and your brand, and now you’ve closed a sale.

Of course, this is an extreme example, but the point remains the same: body language is crucial to communication, and video conferences help facilitate body language better than audio calls.

A more personal approach

Video meetings have the added benefit of seeming like a more personal approach to your client. When you invite someone to an audio call, it can seem stiff and obligatory, whereas a video conference can show them you really want to get to know them. There’s something to be said about being able to see someone’s face when you’re talking to them. It feels more human, comfortable, and natural.

Let’s not forget that customers appreciate when the business actually values them as a person. Hosting a video conference instead of an audio call can be the first step to making your new customer feel valued by your company.

Visual aids and screen sharing

Video calls offer one other distinct advantage over audio calls: visual aids. Most conferencing platforms come with screen sharing and file sharing capabilities, so you can use graphs, charts, and other visuals to reinforce your point and sell your brand.

Screen sharing lets your client see whatever is on your computer screen, which is especially helpful if you’re selling design services, websites, or other web or software-based products. You can host a basic tutorial right on your computer while you’re on the call!

Stimulating all the customer’s senses and giving them a clear, concise picture of what they’ll be buying is the best way to nail the sale and make a lifelong customer out of them.

Less travel = reduced costs

Chances are, your business saved itself some money during quarantine with conferencing calls and other remote services. In fact, thousands of businesses discovered that they could massively cut down on overhead costs by embracing remote work and meetings.

A video conference is the next best thing to an in-person meeting, minus the travel costs. You won’t need to buy airline tickets or travel across state/country borders. You can potentially meet with anyone anywhere in the world for the cost of your conferencing platform.

Customers will appreciate the savings, too. Airline costs might have gone done during the pandemic, but eventually, people will return to using them frequently, and prices will rise. Save yourself the hassle by adopting video conferencing services!

Speeding up sales cycles

The ability to quickly cycle through leads is important to keeping the sales cycle going. Video conferencing allows you to line up several conferences or pitches throughout the day and get through things quickly. Since there’s no need for travel, you can meet at any time and schedule follow-ups as necessary. Speeding up your sales cycle keeps the entire system moving and can help you streamline the entire sales process. You’ll get better at generating leads, following up, and even closing the sale over a video conference.


Video conferencing services are available all over the web, and many of them cost only a few dollars per month. With the ability to mimic meeting in person, video conferences bring a more personal touch to meetings, along with cost-saving features. If you’re looking for an accessible, versatile, cost-effective platform to boost your sales, this is it.

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