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How much does pest control cost in London?

by John Saunders
14th Sep 21 5:49 pm

London like many other capitals worldwide has had its fair share of pest infestation problems. With a population of nine million people, it is an area prone to pest attacks on a daily.

Common house pests in London

London faces multiple pest attacks although from different sources. The most common ones being:


Rats’ single-handed makeup for a larger share of pests in the City. With over 20 million rats roaming around the city, these small creatures are a menace to the city.

Rats often reside in the sewers beneath and only come to the surface when looking for food or water making it hard to keep track of them. While it is possible to get rid of rats, the exercise is tedious and costly considering their high reproductive rate.


Although pigeons rarely enter people’s homes to destroy the property of foods, they are equally dangerous. You will find Pigeons flying around parks in London trying to get a taste of tourist meals.

While Pigeons are considerably less harmful, their droppings carry a host of lethal diseases, harmful to human health.

Bed bugs

The presence of bed bugs is synonymous among densely populated areas like London. The worst thing about bedbugs is that they know no bounds. Besides camping in rentals and other places of accommodation, these small creatures also infest bus seats and tubes.

While tracking a bedbug infestation is an easy task, eliminating them proves a challenge considering the cost.

Highest pest infected areas in London

Pest infestation varies throughout London. While some boroughs are notorious for harbouring pests, others rarely seem to have any. Below are areas that record the highest and least pest infestation throughout the year.


Lambeth, a small district in South London records the highest rate of pest infestation in the Capital annually.

Rodents are more prevalent within this borough with the area recording a slight increase in infestation each year.


Islington, found in Greater London is a borough with the least pest infestation rate. It is mostly dominated by less common pest species with Mice infestation following closely in second place.

Pest activity in London varies from time and often depends on the season.

The preferred treatment types and cost

Although London may seem like a pest-infested zone, locals are making strides to eliminate the problem. There are two ways of sourcing for pest control services including:

One-off treatments

Among the many ways to kill pests, one-off treatments remain a favourite for many people. While this form of treatment isn’t the most effective, the cost is significantly lower. A one-off treatment involves seeking professional pest infestation help as a one-time deal.

Guaranteed treatment

Pests although easy to track are difficult to get rid of, especially if their numbers escalate fast. However, through guaranteed treatment, users can confidently say that pest infestation is a thing of the past.

Through this method, an exterminator conducts a series of treatments to completely eradicate the menace. While guaranteed treatment costs you an extra dollar, it is the safest and most reassuring method of eliminating pests.

There’s is no fixed price for pest infestation services. In fact, the cost largely depends on the type, location, and magnitude of the infestation. When one area experiences a higher infestation rate than others it is often a sign that the spread is significant and it will cost you more money.


When it comes to pest infestation, it is better to be safe than sorry and as such, guaranteed treatment is the best option that prevents future lapses. It’s always best to contact the best pest control company in London to get rid of the pests.

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