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How is Covid-19 affecting online casinos?

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3rd Nov 20 2:58 pm

While casinos remain closed because of social distance rules, online gambling allows individuals to bet and enjoy themselves. Since COVID-19 took over the planet, the market for online gaming has grown tremendously. In this post, we will take a look at how the COVID-19 situation impacts the online casino business.

Effects of COVID-19

Globally, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought lots of financial instability, and has caused the economies of most countries to collapse. After the lockdown in late February and early March 2020, there have been several layoffs and the shutdown of some famous companies.

Businesses continue to struggle, with the end of this pandemic still not in sight. Nevertheless, online gaming continues to develop since more and more people spend their time on the internet.

The lockdowns led to the growth of online gambling

As many individuals are being compelled to sit at home, in all the corners of internet, web traffic is surging. Thousands of new visitors every day are registered by casinos. This is attributed to the closing of casinos that are land based. Many players have, of course, moved to online channels. A large number of players has turned to taking part in tournaments, poker rooms and slot games. The chance to legalize gambling has been already seized by a few nations. Others, however, are also considering to adjust their online gambling laws.

Several reports show that online gambling means have grown from 10 % to 15% everywhere. The March traffic in poker rooms and online casinos, for example, has made the biggest leap in the last three years. They anticipate a gradual decline, however. Perhaps because of boredom, players will quit. Some nations have also enacted stringent legislation pertaining to online gambling in the attempt to prevent compulsive behaviour.

Sports betting was suspended

In the previous months the sports betting market, due to the pandemic, has suffered a big blow. With all the major athletic activities cancelled, and with some of them, such as the MLB, NHL, and NBA seasons, still on hold, sports betting operators are cutting spending to help keep their companies alive.

While for brick and mortar sports bookies, Covid-19 has made it a live or die case. Sadly, most of their store stores have closed down.

To help weather the crisis, online gaming providers rely on day-to-day virtual sports companies. And many resorted to launching betting pools on issues like television or political shows. Sports organizations and tournaments, in addition, are now moving to e-sports and game simulation. All these have the potential to offer new opportunities for betting.

Short-term and long-term effects on the gambling industry?

As they go further, gambling companies must exercise lots of vigilance. There’s an uptick in demand for online options since most traditional bookmakers have closed down. Casinos, bingo halls, and race tracks are other affected industries.

The bulk of gambling firms are in a recession affecting all aspects of life. And before it gets better, it can just get worse. For most people, gambling is a discretionary expense. And even if during the recession era, studies indicate that is a very resilient industry, worldwide, financial markets are experiencing the brunt of the pandemic.

Nevertheless, for the moment, the story is not the same for these online fun houses. They enjoy business expansion, unlike other industries. Because of the social distancing rules that don’t seem to go away, most players will keep preferring to stay away from the actual gaming venues, and online bookmakers, are planning to report more new clients.


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