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How Covid restructured the workforce

by John Saunders
9th Dec 20 3:13 pm

The Covid  pandemic has been an unprecedented event in our time. Of course, other pandemics have occurred in the past, but the modern, connected and global world we live in was so changed in such a short period that it’s unlike anything we’ve experienced. The Spanish Flu pandemic was far more destructive in terms of lives lost, but the world was a far less interconnected place than it is today. To have industries like travel and hospitality effectively wiped out in the space of a few weeks, and much of the world confined to their homes, is something we’ve not seen before, and hopefully wont again.

Along with this has come the inevitable shock to the market and economy, and businesses have had to find ways to cope with this. For some it has been easier than others, and whilst some have flourished in these challenging times, other, often more traditional industries, have not. Thankfully, a benefit of the world being increasingly interconnected is that working from home has become easier. Even 10 years ago it would have been a lot harder, when only major cities and larger organisations had fast broadband. Now, with the majority of the country enjoying access to good internet speeds, videoconferencing, file sharing, cloud computing and virtual working are made far easier.

This, however, belies the cultural shift that many feel is going on. For a long time, a shift out of the office and toward home working has occurred. This has been driven by advances in technology primarily, but also by companies’ desire to streamline and increase productivity whilst saving money. Whilst this benefits people who work in skilled and technological sectors, more unskilled and the traditional ‘brick and mortar’ industries have suffered. Some may see this as a natural progression, but the rate at which we have experienced it through this pandemic has been light speed compared to before. In turn, this has accelerated the adoption of these new cultures and ways of working, but has also left a lot of people behind.

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