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H&M factories employed 14-year-old workers

22nd Aug 16 10:22 am

Book set to reveal

Swedish fashion chain H&M sold clothes made by 14-year-olds work at factories in Myanmar, a book is set to reveal.

Children as young as 14 worked for more than 12 hours, according to Zuzu, one of the girls who worked in the factories.

“They employed anyone who wanted to work,” Zu Zu, one of the child workers, told the authors of Modeslavar, or Fashion Slaves in English.

However, H&M said in a statement: “When 14– to 18-year-olds are working it is therefore not a case of child labour, according to international labour laws. ILO instead stresses the importance of not excluding this age group from work in Myanmar. H&M does of course not tolerate child labour in any form.”

H&M said: “It is of utmost importance to us that our products are made under good working conditions and with consideration to safety, health and the environment. We have therefore taken action regarding two suppliers in Myanmar which have had problems with ID-cards and overtime.”

“Any overtime must be in accordance with legislation as well as our own demands, this is particularly important when it comes to the age group 14-18. If a supplier doesn’t live up to our standards or national legislation we – in accordance with our routines – demand that the supplier immediately establishes an action plan, which has been done also in this case. One of the measures concerning the two suppliers in question is improved recruitment routines, which has resulted in improved handling of ID-cards.”

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