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Graduates not getting skilled jobs as less than a third of vacancies are advertised publicly, expert warns

by LLB Reporter
26th Jan 22 12:33 pm

Graduates are failing to land skilled jobs with as little as 30% of all roles advertised publicly, a careers expert has warned.

Jake Fox, founder of Paperound, the digital marketplace connecting busy founders with talented UK students, is concerned at the growing number of vacancies filled directly through personal connections.

The warning comes as a recent LinkedIn study of more than 1,000 people revealed 85% of critical jobs are filled via networking. A separate study shows that up to 70% of all jobs are not published on publicly available job search sites.

Jake Fox said: “Even for the most active job-seeking graduates, networking is the primary means for finding a role. Networking is an important tool – but young people don’t always have access to equal networks and therefore many talented graduates are missing out on jobs.

“Businesses are also missing out on hiring from a much larger cohort of gifted graduates. At a time when SMEs are always needing to do more with less, they can ill afford to narrow their talent pool by relying on personal connections alone.

Jake Fox is urging businesses owners to reconsider hiring practices, and how and when they engage with current students and recent graduates.

Paperound helps businesses access student talent by booking ‘taskers’ for ad-hoc company tasks, such as creative content, graphic design, and data management. For students, Paperound gives them a way to earn money, build valuable experience, and increase their graduate job prospects.

Jake Fox added: “Businesses should review how frequently jobs are advertised and consider working with current students to gain an understanding of the talent that is available in the graduate market. I’d like to see more roles advertised and fewer jobs handed out within closed, private networks. By working with our student taskers, businesses can find talent they otherwise wouldn’t have, whilst increasing productivity in a way that is fast, efficient and economical.”

Having only launched in 2021, Paperound has so far facilitated over 250 projects with students from 20 different universities and launched local marketplaces connecting the next generation of start-ups with talent networks in Leeds and Bristol, in partnership with the local authorities.

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