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Government belief vaccines are a silver bullet risks big Covid-19 surge

by LLB Reporter
12th Jul 22 11:58 am

With Covid-19 infections at the highest this year and government Health Minister Lord Kamall warning restrictions might have to be reintroduced, Dr Chris Papadopoulos, Principal Lecturer in Public Health at the University of Bedfordshire, says we need to get away from the idea vaccines are a stand-alone solution and be prepared to wear masks more often:

“The sharp increase in Covid-19 case rates is a reminder that we aren’t in a so-called ‘post-Covid’ world despite what the government might want to believe. Living with the virus is no longer an option given increasing hospitalisations. New measures need to be considered urgently.

“One of the messages the government should push again is mask wearing in enclosed and poorly ventilated spaces such as public transport, especially since there has been a growing stigma against mask wearing in recent times. Officials need to get away from the idea that vaccinations are a completely effective stand-alone solution. We need the full spectrum of public health messages in play to keep Covid-19 under control.

“The government should call a public briefing to update the public on the latest data and explain what they are doing to proactively protect the nation’s health beyond just vaccinations. The government need to also consider how to approach Summer events and the Summer holiday season. Little was done to control the spread of the virus at the Jubilee, at the Glastonbury festival and Wimbledon. Yet the spike in infections after such events shows such inaction has a cost.”

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