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Google launches offline import assistant for Google Ads

by John Saunders
18th Oct 21 3:12 pm

For any business owner, trying to deal with Google’s various advertising tools can be a real challenge. Despite that challenge, though, Google Ads is among the most powerful tools on the market today. That is why many companies today look to utilise the expertise of an AdWords agency like this to help them manage their advertising online. Just as important as running a good AdWords campaign, though, is having the numbers and figures that showcase website conversion data.

Any business owner in London who has grown tired of trying to use online conversion data with offline conversion data, though, can relax. Google has announced the introduction of a new tool, known as the Offline Conversion Import (OCI) Helper. This tool will be used to help business owners import conversion data from offline into their Google Ads.

While this means giving Google more personal data, it also means improving your targeting by using both offline and online information to your advantage. This has become a major talking point that helps companies who collect leads online before closing offline. To Google Ads, the conversion was not complete as you had to take it offline to finish the job. Therefore, by adding that conversion data online, you can very quickly and easily understand better how your website is truly converting.

After all, whether it is through Google AdWords or another Google Ads service, you did convert the client. Therefore, you want that to be properly represented. As opposed to trying to factor in the online-met-offline-made conversions into your online numbers, Google’s new OCI is going to help you do this instead.

This is very useful and could be a suitable tool for business owners and marketers in London to create a more realistic image of their success and conversion rates.

How will the OCI work?

At the moment, the OCI will be operated simply by including some questions with Google. This will give them an idea of how compatible your account is with using offline data. It will also give more information about the process of taking a lead and turning them into a sale. This can give Google a clearer idea of how your company might be converting people they have been introduced to thanks to the Google Ads programs.

This will help you to then implement the service, assisting London businesses in having a better idea of how they convert. Using online conversion rates can make a Google Ads or AdWords campaign seem less effective than it is. Many companies will be introduced to a lead via online marketing, but only close the conversion when an offline meeting takes place. At present, though, this would be very hard to properly show up within your Google Ads database.

Now, instead of having to try and manage sums on your own, a business owner can simply use the OCI. This will be rolled out shortly and should be recommended for all businesses who take online leads into the offline realm.

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