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Four reasons to choose a Master in Business Administration

by John Saunders
12th Jan 21 10:05 am

Making the decision to study a Master in Business Administration, or MBA, is a big step for any aspiring business manager. But the question remains as to whether or not this is a good decision. Is it worth it? If someone wants to make a mark in this hugely competitive industry, then it really is. This leads on to the next part of the conundrum: what students can do with an MBA and why it will help in the future.

Improve management skills

Studying for an MBA is a great way to develop the necessary skills to help students become successful in this industry. The MBA curriculum will differ across degrees. At SDA Bocconi for instance, students will learn to improve their leadership and people management skills. This includes learning techniques to ensure that difficult situations are managed appropriately, as well as making sure the company keeps a positive image in the public’s eyes. This also extends to the skills necessary to develop a company.

When taking on an MBA course, it’s important that those at managerial levels are also competent when it comes to finances, making sure these remain healthy. An MBA also provides the skills necessary to perform useful hires, to develop and retain employees and improve the format of a company so that it can continue to improve and thrive. By studying for an MBA, students will be encouraged to leave their comfort zone, study the latest trends and face real business challenges.

Improve your networking or become your own boss

Another key skill that comes from studying an MBA is the improvement of a student’s networking ability. One of the major attractions of an MBA is that students will have access to some of the top minds within the industry. Courses at SDA Bocconi, for instance, are taught by some of the top business people out there, providing students with a direct link to the industry. That’s not to forget that students build a network from their alums as well.

Studying a Master in Business Administration also provides students with the necessary skills to set up their own company. For those looking to become an entrepreneur, an MBA is the perfect way to gain all the necessary skills to pursue this path. Students will learn from the outset both what to avoid when starting up and what to aim for, giving them a great grounding. Students may even find others with similar interests, allowing their ideas to expand.

Help your personal growth or change career

Taking on an MBA is also a great idea for those looking to change careers. Alternatively, there may be some students who are already within the business sector but simply want to grow and improve, possibly moving up the ladder to a more managerial role. In both these instances, studying a Master in Business Administration is an excellent way to help students get that new position or dream role thanks to the versatility of such a degree.

However, students who are pursuing a Master, for this reason, should know their end goals and requirements in order to make the most out of such a degree.

Study any time

Finally, studying an MBA can also be done concurrently with any work. SDA Bocconi, offers on-campus modules and distance-learning sessions that enables students to continue working while studying. The ability to study a course in this fashion means students can still earn a living, do not need to take time off from work to study, and can even immediately implement what they’ve learnt into their daily practice. As such, there’s a wealth of positives to studying.

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