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Four important things to look at when looking for corporate meeting rooms in Bristol

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18th Jun 19 1:37 pm

Most businesses don’t have the benefit of having an in-house meeting room where employees and clients can discuss ideas. This means that someone has to look into alternative options which can be cumbersome and stressful. With over 10 million meetings taking place in the business world every day, getting the perfect meeting room may be hindered by the competition. Another reason is that meetings on average take about 37% of an employee’s work day, therefore, the meeting room has to be comfortable and it must have the required amenities.

Consider the nature of the meeting

This should be the first thing one does so that they can establish the kind of meeting room that they will require. The length of the meeting will determine if the group needs accommodation and additional amenities. Formal meetings could require a more professional ambiance, while a casual meeting may take place in a more laid-back location.

Check the meeting room for required resources

There are certain resources that the planner cannot compromise when looking for the right meeting room. They may include:

  • Internet connection for conference calls and access to cloud storage.
  • Sound equipment such as microphones and speakers for large groups or outdoors and soundproof rooms for sensitive meetings.
  • Projectors, monitors, printers, cables and adaptors – these are important resources for electronic presentations. Other meeting rooms may have the analogue option of a whiteboard and markers.
  • In case the meeting may take more than one day, one may want to consider accommodation and recreation options, housekeeping, and catering for the entire party.
  • Security may be important, especially if the group is large and is staying a couple of days in a new environment.

The budget

Depending on the type of meeting one is planning for, different companies have different budgetary allocations. Therefore, one should look for meeting rooms in Bristol through sites like VenueFinder where options best suit their requirements but are well within their budget. One shouldn’t just look at the cost of the venue, there are multiple hidden charges that could come  with signing on the dotted line. These charges may include service fees for the venue, power charges, taxes and permits, setup fees, and cancellation fees. Some may even require the group to pay tips to the people working that day.


Again, the type of meeting may determine the location one chooses for the meeting room. If the employees and clients are local, one can find an accessible location locally with ease. If the meeting is to be held in a different location, one would need to look for a location that works for all the attendees. He or she would have to consider the availability of transportation, transportation costs, and even affordable parking spots. One may have to do a site visit to double check all the important details in advance, especially for out of town locations.

Meetings are an essential part of corporate calendars and can be stressful to plan for if the organization has no meeting rooms or if there is a need to have a change of scenery for their meetings. Planning is one of the ways to reduce stress and ensure that all the bases are covered before the day of the meeting arrives. Knowing what one needs and using resources such as VenueFinder makes it easy especially for people looking to find good meeting rooms in Bristol.

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