Home Business News Following a ‘top secret memo’ Russian FSB spies and top Kremlin officials ‘believe Putin is suffering from a serious medical condition’

Following a ‘top secret memo’ Russian FSB spies and top Kremlin officials ‘believe Putin is suffering from a serious medical condition’

13th May 22 1:31 pm

A “top secret memo” was sent out by the Kremlin to all Russian officials, FSB spies and regional directors instructing them not to believe any rumours of Vladimir Putin’s health.

Since this top secret memo was sent out FSB agents and top Kremlin officials now believe that “Putin is suffering from a serious medical condition.”

A well-respected forensic research website, Bellingcat, Christo Grozev who is the head of investigations said, the Top secret memo “instructed the regional chiefs not to trust rumours about the president’s terminal condition.

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“The directors were further instructed to dispel any rumors to this effect that may spread within the local FSB units.

“According to a source at one of the regional units who saw the memo, this unprecedented instruction had the opposite effect, with most FSB officers suddenly coming to believe that Putin indeed suffers from a serious medical condition.”

Speculation over Putin’s health has circulated for some time, which has only intensified since the invasion of Ukraine.

Ashley Grossman, a professor of endocrinology at Oxford University, told New Lines magazine, “Putin has always been a very fit-looking man with a slightly gaunt appearance.

“But over the last couple of years, he seems to have filled out in the face and neck. Cushingoid appearance, it’s called, and it’s compatible with steroid use.”

There has also been reports that Putin has been putting off having cancer surgery for months, but now doctors are insisting he has this done, whereby Kremlin insiders could have the Russian President killed.

A Kremlin insider has said that Putin could hand over power to hardline security council security secretary Nikolai Patrushev, 70, as he will “have cancer surgery.”

It was reported on the Telegram channel General SVR who has a source in the Kremlin. Patrushev is a former KGB counterintelligence officer and is the “worst option” and has been a key figure head in the attack on Ukraine.

An anonymous former high-ranking Kremlin military figure said “there seems to be no particular urgency” over the alleged surgery.

Doctors have said that “it cannot be delayed either” according to the General SVR.

The said, “Putin has discussed that he will be undergoing medical procedures,” and “doctors insist that he needs an operation, but the date has not yet been determined.

“I don’t know for exactly how long [he will be incapacitated after the surgery]… I think it’ll be for a short time.”

They added, “It was possible to contain it for some time, but now the course of the disease is progressing.

“I do not want to voice any forecasts now, so as not to reassure you once again, because in this situation you should not be very hopeful.”

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