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Florists see a 510 per cent increase in sales on Valentine’s Day

by LLB Reporter
14th Feb 20 6:17 am

Leading UK merchant service provider Paymentsense has analysed over 305m of their own unique card transactions made across 2019 to show a 510% increase in flower sales on Valentine’s Day, compared to the rest of the year.

From Paymentsense’s transaction data, London has the highest transaction value, with residents spending on average £43 on a bouquet for their loved ones. Brighton had the lowest spenders with average florist sales on the 14th at £27, they also spend the least on flowers across other days of the year with an average spend value of £25.

65% of all transactions made on the 14th Feb were made in female owned florists across the UK. Women florist owners using Paymentsense card machines made over 754 thousand transactions on that day alone in their stores.

Unsurprisingly, florists aren’t the only business owners to see an uplift in sales during Valentine’s Day, Paymentsense transactions saw uplifts for the following other 6 industries across 2019:

Industry Valentine’s day uplift 
Card shops & stationery 40%
Jewellers 32%
Solicitors and legal attorneys 27%
Petrol stations 18%
Takeaways & fast food 7%
Restaurants and hospitality 6%


Paymentsense’s data shows that a number of Brits across the UK are buying into the romantic holiday, whether that’s by buying their partner flowers, jewelry, a takeaway… or a last minute box of Milk Tray from the petrol station.

It also means that as well as larger highstreet brands, small businesses are able to capitalise on consumer habits, especially those that fall into the above categories and of course, the restaurant and catering services.

If small businesses get ahead of the game, they can offer special deals to attract customers looking to splash the cash in the form of a romantic gesture this year.

Jon Knott from Paymentsense said, “Our latest research into the restaurant and catering industry has shown that red letter days such as Valentine’s day will see a boost of 29% of Britons eating out, but the restaurants are, of course, not the only industry to benefit on 14 February.

“We predict that sales on Valentine’s Day this year could be around 22% higher than in 2019, because the event falls on a Friday, which is typically a bigger trading day for businesses than a Thursday, when the event fell last year.

“Small retail business owners and independents are in a great position to sell to consumers in advance by utilising their marketing and offering deals for customers who are perhaps looking to spend more on this day as a romantic gesture.”

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