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Five most vital features of a dating app

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21st Apr 21 2:38 pm

The dating world is not the same as it was several decades ago. The world has gone mobile as there is more access to mobile devices and the internet. This has contributed significantly to dating app development. The global dating applications market is expected to exceed $8.4 billion by 2024 in value.

In the coming years, people will favor dating online. This preference will be motivated by the convenience of connecting with people anytime and anywhere.

With so many dating apps available, why is it that people still haven’t met their perfect match? Most of the apps available today do not have all the features necessary for a seamless matching experience.

Here are features that will make your app stand out.

1. Proximity filter

The app should be able to filter matches according to location. Proximity is considered vital in the development of a relationship. In the quest for serious relationships online, location will always matter. The application should have a location feature that enables nearby searches.

Users will be more confident about your app helping them meet their soulmates if it can show them whether their potential matches are close enough. The app should constantly track locations to help users find matches near them. If you look around, you will realize that the most successful dating apps focus on proximity.

The needs and preferences of the users vary a great deal. While one user may be looking for a serious relationship, another may look for a casual long-distance relationship. Your platform should be able to fall into the plans and preferences of all users.

2. Profile verification feature

One of the top dating apps has an anti-catfishing feature on its platform, whereby users must verify their photos on the platform. With the increased cybercrime rate, which includes catfishing, dating apps need to prioritize their users’ security.

People will be more comfortable signing up for dating apps that are sure to have genuine profiles. The feature will be critical in making the platform safe and eliminating fear users may have. Verifying photos, emails, and social media will make the platform free from fake accounts.

The feature should work in a way that allows users to self-authenticate. It should compare the user’s selfies with existing photos, then checkmark the profile if similarities are found. Other users can then easily pick profiles that have been verified.

3. Discover events and meetups

This feature will be a plus for your app. The more opportunities and options your app provides for users to meet their soul mates, the better. Your platform will stand out if it can help users explore meetups and events near them.

The feature should be able to match users with their interests to bring them together with people they share interests with. For instance, you can have the events in categories such as ‘pet lovers,’ ‘hikers,’ or even have a book club.

Some platforms are a step ahead as they organize these events and make them available to users. As much as users love the convenience of meeting people online, they will appreciate value addition. That is, an opportunity to meet new people and groups face-to-face.

4. Gamification

Gamification is a mobile app trend that cannot be ignored. You can make your platform exciting by adding gamification elements to it. It will trigger a sense of achievement among the users, which will motivate them to use the app more. Enhance the users’ pleasure by adding a gaming experience to the app, which will improve their interaction and the overall acquisition of the application.

Note that consumers are leaning more towards experiential forms of online dating. The games can be designed to support interaction on the platforms or to entertain the users. An excellent example of gamification that supports interaction is the swipe right or left feature.

The games can be designed to help users evaluate each other. For instance, it can be a question and answer game to help users learn each others’ personalities. Other forms of gamification can also help users identify potential matches. This could be a more exciting way to point out matches compared to the conventional photos.

There could be a collection of games that may help the users discover each other’s profiles, and in the end, they can decide if it is the personality they are looking for. Instead of using photos and biographies to uncover the personalities of the users, gamification will create a more interactive and exciting experience.

5. Icebreaking chatbots

Kicking off communication on dating platforms can get intimidating at times, especially for introverts. Make your app stand out by including icebreaker features. Many of the existing apps are yet to integrate this idea, and it will give you a competitive edge.

AI chatbots will go a long way in helping users start and sustain conversations. The feature will provide the users with ideas for starting conversations. Also, it can give them suggestions for replies in the middle of their conversations.

The bots should be able to mimic human conversations naturally. Since they are available 24/7, they can help users keep the conversations going even during their busy days. When designing the feature, it is critical to put different user personalities into consideration to make their interactions more engaging and natural.


The online dating industry is growing. Consequently, the number of mobile dating apps is also on the rise. To develop a successful platform, you have to consider features that will make you stand out from your competitors.

The proximity feature is among the most valued. Moreover, you should help users feel comfortable and safe by including the profile verification feature. To make the users’ experience more interactive and engaging, add meet-ups and events.

Gamification is a trending feature in mobile apps; it will make your dating app unique. And if you add a charming chatbot that will help users when the conversation comes to a standstill, you will have yourself a winner. With the features above available, you will get more acquisitions, larger adoption, and stronger user loyalty.

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