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Five ideas on how to memorably present workplace safety rules to employees

by Sarah Dunsby
23rd Nov 22 11:35 am

One of the best and most sustainable ways to ensure that there are less workplace incidents in your company is offering constant reminders to your workers on workplace safety regulations and protocols. Reminding your workers to follow simple safety procedures such as wearing safety googles and using safety devices can help minimise accidents, injuries, and in some cases even save lives.

In the article below, the discussion will feature how you can creatively and constantly engage and remind your employees on workplace safety tips and regulations.

1. Provide regular updates on workplace safety regulations on the bulletin board

During the annual National Safety Month, review your company’s internal safety regulations and use this period to update or introduce new safety rules. Ensure that you cover the safety updates in meetings and follow up with emails. Further, post the updates in a highly-visible part of the bulletin board. You should also ensure that employees know the contact person who is charged with handling workplace injury incidents and/or complaints.

2. Explain workplace safety regulations with a tour demonstration

In order for your employees to understand where accidents are most likely to happen and how they are likely to occur, it is best that you take them on a demonstration tour around your work site while explaining safety procedures. Even if an office setting with minimal space, practice safety tips around the office. For example, you can practice where all employees should meet in case of a fire.

3. Organise safety training classes

Apart from the mandated safety training sessions, it is important to give your employees refresher safety training especially after your company updates or introduces new safety procedures. Consider setting an internal safety month when employees will be engaged on workplace safety through training classes or safety workshops. Ideally, you your safety training classes should always be ongoing.

4. Share extra workplace safety resources

Employers can find a lot of additional resources that their employees can use to gain more knowledge on how to improve workplace safety from the National Safety Council throughout the year. The council shares safety training resources and tips that touch on a wide range of topics including safe driving tips, how to handle work fatigue, and many others.

5. Share safety tips in a funny and memorable way

Most people tend to remember things when they are tied to humor. To increase the chances of your employees remembering and following safety procedures, try to present these procedures in a funny way. For motivation on how to infuse humor when presenting safety regulations, you can visit the High Speed Training website for hilariously presented health and safety regulations that would make even the most hardcore person smile.

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