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Five essential tips to self improvement

by John Saunders
6th May 19 1:49 pm

Self-improvement is a commonly used term that refers to the act of enhancing who you are. There are different ways of how one can approach this. They include; academically, spiritually, socially, financially and physically. Other self-improvement methods include gaining skills in leadership, time management, visualization, and organization. There are innumerable advantages that result from self-improvement, for instance, one is able to ward off negative thoughts, they become more self-aware which leads to better relations among other benefits. This article gives 5 essential tips to self-improvement:


For self-improvement to be possible, you will first need to be self-aware. It is impossible to improve that which you do not understand. You will, therefore, need to first understand who you are so that you can understand what it is that you need to improve and how to go about. If for instance, you realize that you are not good with time management, you might also need to look at how well you manage your finances because there is a likelihood that your problem might be management skills in general.

Get a life coach

Everyone, at one point in time, has ever needed a person to hold their hand in order to navigate a certain unfamiliar phase in their life. The situation is no different when it comes to self-improvement. To effectively improve your life, you will need a life coach to help you navigate the difficult phases that you might encounter. Today, there are so many life coaches available; the likes of Kevin Abdulrahman among others. All you need to do is ask around, make a list and choose the one that best suits you.

Set realistic goals

The best method to use in self-improvement is through goal setting. When you have specific goals, you have a direction and purpose. This will motivate you to work towards meeting your goals. The goal does not have to be necessarily big, you can start with something small like 30 minutes of exercise every day, reading a book every week, running a mile every day among others. All you need to do is ensure that the goal is practical, measurable and achievable. The joy and excitement of daily achievements will motivate you to go for even bigger goals.

Everyday affirmations

One of the greatest barriers to self-improvement is negative internal speech. Most people tend to speak defeat into their lives through negative words like “I can’t”, “I’m not good enough” among others. Such phrases are known to defeat the self-will to succeed. Instead, learn to speak positive affirmations to every day and this will modify your personality and character. Positive affirmations should be the first and last thing you speak to self in the morning and in the evening.

Take stock

It is important after some time to look back and evaluate how far you have come in your self-improvement journey. Without this, it might be hard to really tell whether or not you are improving. You can do this by looking at the measurable benefits that you have attained since you started your self-improvement programme. It can be in terms of the lost weight, the increased savings, extra property acquired, a promotion at work among other things. This will inform you whether it is working or not and where necessary, what needs to be changed.

The above are just of the many tips that might be useful in self-improvement. The truest measure of self-improvement is the results obtained and for this reason, it is important to constantly evaluate what you are doing and whether it is working.

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