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Fashion in London: The best venues

by LLB Reporter
20th Nov 17 3:17 pm

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There is no denying that London is one of the fashion capitals of the world, and Londoners are not afraid to show it in both their street fashion and office attire. Signature clothes, shoes and accessories have made people wonder about outlets where they can get trendy as well.

London’s high-end, international fashion venues are famous all over the world, but there is nothing like the personal tour from an experienced, local shopper. Check out these streets and hidden corners to get the ultimate London ‘fashionista’ experience.

The Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington

The V&A museum is a great way to begin your fashion-seeking journey through the streets of London. This venue offers a look-back at some of the greatest moments in haute couture, as well as a display of the most contemporary creations.

It is a trip worthwhile, no matter whether you like history or you follow trends – the air and decorations have a meaning of their own. Combined with the actual exhibitions, this museum is a never-ending source of inspiration.

Harrods & Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge

Seeing fashion for display is one thing, but having it available for purchase is the definite next step. London is widely famous for its lavish department stores, whose walls have seen the greatest designer items. Aside from these two Knightsbridge jewels, Regent Street offers a third establishment – Liberty, known for its modern art-deco flair.

As famous as these department stores are, along with the brands displayed inside them, they are as expensive. Harrods, Liberty and Harvey Nichols are a destination reserved for the rich, famous, and glamorous. If it is your dream to shop here, you might want to invest in some online lottery tickets or hope you have a rich uncle you don’t know about. The visit may empty your pockets, but it will fill out your fashion-loving soul.

King’s Road

A two-for-one special is waiting over at King’s Road, as this venue is both a historical landmark and a fashion center. Under the reign of King Charles II, it was exclusively used for his purposes, but since then, it has witnessed the emergence of stores displaying accessories, perfumes, or even sports clothes. As long as it is high quality and high fashion, it belongs on King’s Road.

Berwick Street, Soho

It’s the hidden gems that make you a true connoisseur of London fashion, and the heart of Soho is bound to hold one of the best. Berwick Street offers colors beyond imagination, constant hustle and bustle and an atmosphere like nowhere else in the world. Everyone is minding their own business through the retro-inspired boutiques, unique tailor shops and craft beer pubs, but in this disparity they are united by the love of fashion.


Chic and haute-y, yet contemporary and revolutionary is the only way to explain Spitalfields in the London Borough of Town Hamlets. There is a unique sense about this former fruit market which provided some of the most astonishing hand-made creations, including the best silk. Nowadays, these small shops have lost their fruity smell and evolved into entire studios, but the items sold up until today are a constant memory of this place’s character.

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