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Extinction Rebellion set to target Tube bringing chaos for commuters

by LLB Reporter
15th Oct 19 3:06 pm

Extinction Rebellion (XR) are set to bring chaos for commuters as they are planning to London Underground this week.

XR said they will expand their two week “non-violent” protest to the London Underground on Thursday to alert the “public to crisis by disrupting their daily lives.”

XR have warned London Underground staff not to “intervene” ensuring protest run “smoothly and safely as possible.”

The group said in a statement posted on their website, “On 17 October, several XR affinity groups (autonomous civil disobedience groups) are planning to non-violently disrupt Tube services to highlight the climate and ecological emergency.

“We sincerely apologise to all those who may be affected as a consequence of this disruption.”

They added, “In any other circumstances these groups would never dream of disrupting the Tube, but this is an emergency.

“The disruption is necessary to highlight that people are already dying as a result of climate change and to protect lives in the long term. Not just ours, but our children’s and grandchildren’s.

“Many ways have been tried to raise awareness of the climate and ecological disaster we are now experiencing, and they’ve all failed to generate the necessary amount of action. Recently, XR have even banned from peaceful protest in the streets of London.

“This is now an emergency. The individuals who have committed to this action wish to sound the alarm as loud as they can. This is disruption with a purpose.”

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