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Everything you need to know about IP Expo Europe

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30th Aug 18 9:05 am

IP EXPO EUROPE is right around the corner, with just a little over a month left until the event opens its doors. For a period of two days between October 3-4 at ExCeL London, guests will have a unique opportunity to see some live discussions about current trends in cybersecurity and the hottest latest announcements in the field. It’s a must-visit for pretty much anyone involved in IT in one way or another, and those whose jobs heavily rely on good security practices should mark it in their calendars as early as possible.

Who Can Benefit from the Event?

As we mentioned above, this is a great opportunity for IT specialists of all types to learn about all the latest exciting developments in the field of security, with some special guest speakers that should make for an enriching presentation. A single registration grants full access to all related events, speaker platforms and seminars, making the whole process simple and straightforward. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a leading position or a regular lower-level employee in your organisation, there’s a good chance you’re going to learn a good deal of things over those two days.

Main Topics

Security is at the forefront of the topics that will be brought up, with various speakers lined up to express their current views on that field and share recent findings. Those interested in development topics will get plenty of opportunities to get up to date with current trends, especially in the field of AI and analytics.

Machine learning and related technologies are starting to get more and more advanced and they have a solid place in multiple industries at the moment. There’s a good chance that even those whose jobs don’t directly involve IT work may still benefit from the talks being given at IP EXPO EUROPE.

Another hot topic that will get plenty of attention is the Internet of Things – IoT – and its relation to the current technological environment. There should be a strong focus on blockchain technologies too, another hot field for those deeply involved with IT at the moment. The common misconception that blockchain is only good for cryptocurrencies is slowly starting to fade away, and this should be a great opportunity to check out some recent developments in that field and find out what the climate is currently like.

Notable Speakers

Several important speakers have already been confirmed, including astronaut Chris Hadfield and UX Design Lead at Google, Carla Echevarria. Ric Harvey of Amazon Web Services is also going to give a presentation, as will author Andrew Keen, setting an overall diverse and interesting scene for presentations. It should be exciting to see how those perspectives align – and clash – and how modern trends in technology are seen through the eyes of various experts in different fields.

That alone can make the IP EXPO EUROPE a fantastic opportunity for specialists looking to broaden their horizons and gain a new perspective on their work, something which many people across different fields can definitely benefit from today.

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Regardless of your current position within the company and how deeply you’re involved with technology on a personal level, checking out the IP EXPO EUROPE is almost a must for pretty much anyone interested in how modern tech is impacting our society. There might be some surprises at some of the speeches currently planned, judging by the list of speakers, and this is not something you’ll want to read about afterwards when it’s all over. This is the kind of event that should be experienced in person, taking full advantage of the fact that it’s a two-sided, interactive experience.

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