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Europe is once again ‘back in same space as they were in 1930s’ before Hitler sparked World War II

by LLB political Reporter
21st Aug 23 11:32 am

An expert has warned that Europe and NATO are “back in the same” fighting position as they were in before World War II started.

Europe and especially the UK are in a vulnerable position due to spending cuts on Britain’s forces who are no longer a top fighting force.

The British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace who is a former Army officer warned earlier this year that the British Army is now no longer a top fighting force as we once were.

Julian Lindley-French, Chairman of The Alphen Group (TAG) told the Express that the “cycle of warfare” is now coming back full circle,” and warned that “history is doing what it has always done.”

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Lindely-French who has previously worked for NATO warned, “If you look at these cycles, you get what’s called ‘systemic wars’: World War 1, World War 2, the Cold War.

“Over time, because of politics and economics and technology, pressure builds up in the competition between states.

“For a period, like in the Nineties, that competition can be relatively peaceful.

“But if that competition is ultimately about who rules, as it is between the US and China, it becomes increasingly dangerous, as it did before World War 1 and World War 2.

“We are back in that 1930s space.”

Speaking over the UK’s defence capabilities he said, “Bottom line… it’s an entire service unable to protect the UK and our allies for a decade.”

He added, “They are in denial about the danger of such a war taking place.

“They would prefer to live in what they see as the comforting world of the Nineties, but the Nineties were filled with wars which indicated there was dynamism in the system.”

The outgoing NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg has also warned that NATO members and their allies have failed to keep up with the “dangerous world we live in.”

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