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Russia warns Poland ‘everything will end badly’ and will deploy ‘nuclear capabilities in allied, fraternal Belarus’

21st Aug 23 11:10 am

A Russian politician has warned Poland that “everything will end badly” as tensions remain on a knife edge as they fear Warsaw continues to beef up their positions on the Belarusian border.

Andrey Gurulyov, a member of the Russian State Duma has said that he believes Warsaw could attempt to seize Kallingrad as Polish forces are building up on the border.

There is no evidence at all that Poland are looking to or are even attempting to seize the Russian enclave.

Gurulyov said on Kremlin state TV, “The second topic is the defence of Kaliningrad as an exclave.

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“The message is very clear: ‘Guys, if God forbid you go anywhere in the direction of our Kaliningrad region, everything will end badly for you.’ This is probably the way it should be.”

The reason why Poland has sent thousands of troops to their borders is as a result of fears Wagner fighters could start cross border skirmishes.

Gurulyov said, “This is the minimum task. And the ultimate goal is to enter Ukraine and make it their vassal.

“We must deter this. And it’s pretty easy to do. The main point is the question of strategic deterrence. We are doing this by deploying nuclear capabilities in our allied, fraternal Belarus.

“This is precisely the issue of strategic deterrence so that the Poles would have no thought of going anywhere.”

On 10 August Poland announced they are to send around 10,000 troops to the Belarusian border as tensions continue to mount.

The Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said the soldiers will join border guards in an attempt to “scare away” any possible threats.

Speaking to public radio Blaszczak said, “About 10,000 soldiers will be on the border, of which 4,000 will directly support the Border Guard and 6,000 will be in the reserve.

“We move the army closer to the border with Belarus to scare away the aggressor so that it does not dare to attack us.”

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