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Russia’s actions in ‘the Black Sea’ could ‘escalate war at sea between NATO’

17th Aug 23 4:23 pm

Tensions in international waters of the Black Sea have considerably grown since Vladimir Putin withdrew from the safe UN export grain agreement in July.

Last Sunday a Russian warship fired “warning shots” at a cargo ship in the international waters of the Black Sea after the vessel failed to respond to their demands to stop.

The crew members of the Russian warship also opened fire with automatic weapons as the vessel  ignored the request to be inspected which was heading to the Ukrainian port of Izmail.

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The former Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO, James Stavridis warned that Russia intercepting cargo ships in international waters could “escalate war at sea between NATO.”

The former US admiral who commanded NATO’s forces in Europe from 2009 and 2013 warned the boarding of an alliance cargo ship belonging to Turkey could ignite allies to intervene to protect future damage to Ukraine’s economy by escorting all cargo vessels through the Black sea.

The boarding of the cargo ship took place in the southern end of the Black Sea near to Turkey’s coast and the European border.

Admirtal Stavridis told Politico, “Russia‘s actions in the international waters of the Black Sea create a real risk of escalating this to a war at sea between NATO and the Russian Federation.”

He added that NATO “is not going to provide all the weapons and money for Ukraine, only to watch Russia strangle their economy with an illegal blockade.

He warned, “If Russia starts seizing vessels or seeks to scare them away, I think it likely NATO will respond by supporting a humanitarian corridor for shipping.”

On Sunday the Turkish Defence Ministry said that they are aware the incident took place in international waters and the cargo ship was heading for Romania.

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