EU security commissioner warns 8,000 ISIS terrorist fighters could return to Europe  


Here’s why

Islamic State’s dream of a “caliphate” has been crushed after IS lost their stronghold in the northern province of Raqqa. 

Julian King, the EU security commissioner has warned that many of those in Syria could come to Europe with the intention to start terror attacks. 

Speaking to the BBC, King said: “We have a list of about 8,000 potential foreign terrorist fighters that have been highlighted by European member states which is held by Europol. 

“Not all of those are EU nationals, but in every case, there is a possibility they might seek to return to Europe.  

“Some are going to die, some are going to seek to go elsewhere, to continue what they regard as their struggle.  

“But a number may seek to come back to Europe, and we need to be ready to try and deal with it.”