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Entrepreneur pupil sent home from school after selling squirts of hand sanitizer

by LLB Reporter
12th Mar 20 11:05 am

An entrepreneurial teenager was sent home from school after he was found to be charging 50p per squirt for hand sanitiser.

Boy’s mother Jenny Tomkins from Leeds posted on Facebook he had been “excluded” from school for the day after charging pupil for shot of sanitiser, to protect themselves from coronavirus.

She said, “I don’t think it’s an excludable offence. I told him off so that when we go into school, I can tell his head of year that I have told him it’s wrong.

“I think they see it as him exploiting a situation, but his step dad called him a legend halfway through me telling him off so that put a stop to it.

“He’s like my little Del Boy, I won’t be punishing him any further.”

She added, it’s hard to discipline his behaviour when his dad phoned him from work to “say he was a legend.”

Tomkins said her son made £9 and bought a multipack of Doritos and is saving the rest of his money to buy a kebab.

The teenager, Oliver Tompkins said, “All I can listen to is the radio. They’ve been going on about the coronavirus and how important hand sanitiser and washing your hands is.

‘So before the bus came, I bought a tub of hand wash from Tesco and offered to it my mates. They gave me the idea that I could charge for it, so I did.

“Other people at school sell stuff like chewing gum, if somebody wants something, they will pay for it. Loads of people wanted this.”

He added, “It’s ridiculous really!”

Dixons Unity Academy told the Standard they do not comment on individual cases but added that no student has “ever been excluded for selling hand sanitiser.”

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