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Eleven tips to make your home business look much larger

by John Saunders
10th Nov 21 1:31 pm

With today’s technology, you have some advantages, especially if you are a start-up that wants to compete with bigger businesses. You can still work out of a home office and look like your business is much larger than it appears. That is the magic surrounding the Internet. You can remain competitive, even if your business is not located in a plush high-rise or at a large manufacturing facility.

The following tips will inspire you to run your operations, although small, on a seemingly grander scale. Doing so will lend to your professional credibility and image.

1. Use a forwarding service for mail and shipments

You don’t have to stock a warehouse if you operate a business and sell products. Nor do you need to house any inventory in a giant facility. By using a forwarding service, you can meet your delivery times and make customers happier.

By contacting a third party logistics company, you can make timely shipments and still look like you are working on a larger scale. Companies like All Forward are designed to help smaller businesses attract major clients by providing shipping and delivery on time.

2. Get a virtual office address

If you don’t want to give your home address as your business address but want to convey that you’re working from a business location, you might think about getting a virtual office address. This address is a bona fide business address that is located in a professional building in an actual location.

Use office-based services for customer support, reception, and meetings

If you find an office near your home that offers this service, you might find out if it also offers professional services, such as customer support, message taking, copying, or meeting room space.

Gain a national or international presence with multiple addresses

You can also contact a service that offers solid business addresses, virtually, in different cities around the world or in the U.S. You can even get the service you use to route calls or communications from those sites.

3. Sell to one niche market

When you focus on one niche market, you can appear at more business events that support your chosen niche. Doing so will cause you to meet the same people time after time. The more you are seen, the more people will conclude that you own and operate a bigger business.

4. Get an 800 number

While people are not worried about saving money by using an 800 number, this type of number indicates that your business is larger and established. Support your 800 number with a virtual  phone system and more than just one extension. Add three or four extensions to make your operations look bigger.

5. Forego the business title on your business cards

If you wear many hats as a business proprietor, it is better to forego the title on your business card. Instead, offer your expertise as a technician, salesperson, consultant, or whatever the clients requests when they contact you. That way you won’t limit yourself and can expand your services.

6. Set up a website and domain

It’s surprising but about 36% of small businesses still do not have a website or website address. Of the 30 million small businesses operating in the United States, about 64% have built a website. A website allows potential clients to see what you can do. It is a place you can display your products and services and add customer testimonials to support what you do.

7. Create a logo

All big businesses feature logs. After all, Nike would not be Nike without its logo nor would anyone know about McDonald’s golden arches if the company had not created a logo. Most people will notice an image before words, so creating a logo will definitely gain you notice as a “bigger” business.

8. Become an influencer in your field

To become an influencer in your field, you need to bill yourself as a thought leader. To make this happen you need to write for trade magazines, add articles to sites, such as LinkedIn, or write guest posts. You might also think about offering your expertise by speaking at conventionso r forums in your field.

9. Take advantage of video

Besides creating a logo, writing articles, or giving speeches, it helps to develop videos that explain and promote your business’s services. For instance, you might use a whiteboard or an animated explainer to give prospects better insights about what your business can provide.

10. Use the services of a virtual assistant

If you don’t want to be bogged down with tedious tasks, you may find it helpful to retain the services of a full-time virtual assistant. Not only will your company look larger, your VA can take over certain jobs so you can focus more on growing your business.

11. Get recognised on social media

Whether you have a smaller or larger business, you need to use social media to create an online presence. By posting regularly and getting customer feedback, your business will appear larger as it expands and grows.

Final thoughts: Why you want your business to appear larger

A more expansive operation naturally attracts more customers and prospects because it gives people confidence in what you provide or what you can do as a company. Plus, a bigger company has an easier time distinguishing itself from the competition. Therefore, you will find it in your best interest, even if you are working from a renovated shed in your backyard or from your garage, to appear bigger and better in your chosen business or profession.

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