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EJ Dalius provides a framework to prevent any entrepreneurial woes

by John Saunders
20th Nov 20 5:21 pm

In the current economy, executives and business leaders believe that success solely depends on their efforts. Merit is necessary to gain a competitive edge over the others. However the global covid 19 pandemic has mane things very tough for many. The highly competitive market space pushes the budding entrepreneur to prepare at every stage of the game.

Relying on the past

The past always has lessons for every person. Carefully evaluating the past decisions and acknowledging the wrongs is crucial. However, remember not to dwell totally in the past. Learn from past mistakes and do not commit such errors repeatedly. In addition to that, do not rely much on the glories. If your plan worked last time, there is no hundred percent guarantees that it will work this instance. Miring the mental energy on past disappointments and glories will only create an illusion, opaquing the clarity rate.

Make new mistakes

Eric J Dalius suggests making new mistakes. As much as vague as this statement sounds, it holds a high level of truth. Making the same mistakes over and again and hoping for a different outcome each time does not work. Repeating mistakes rather than learning from the mistakes is why many budding entrepreneurs lack their business vigor. Learning from the mistakes and taking full responsibility for past behavior is critical in understanding the business process’s loopholes. The ability to self-reflect and take accurate and productive decisions is one of the prime strengths of a successful businessperson.

A resenting quality

Spectacular executives do not fall for ego and other related problems. You need not resent other people’s success. It would help if you had the strength of character to feel authentic excitement and joy for other people’s success. On the other hand, provide a keen eye to the person’s decision and learn from them. Deriving lessons from every situation and applying it to your business process is an excellent idea on the path to success. If you feel demotivated, employ several means to gain sanity, and take a break to clear your mind. Making decisions in haste is never the right choice for the well-being of a company.

In addition to that, view your competitors as your partners. Develop a mutual relationship with other brands. If there is anything you can provide for the company, propose a joint partnership or collaboration for both brands’ well-being. An essential aspect of this is not to rely on shortcuts. Relying on shortcuts will only lead to short-term achievements.

A promising perspective

Do not give up after a failure. Failures are chances you can use to improve your management qualities. Successful entrepreneurs do not shy away from admitting that their initial trials brought them losses. Every failure is a learning opportunity to come closer to the ultimate goals. Putting in double the amount of effort and working invariably towards them is an ideal way to remain positive in the business operating.

Taking a break

Eric Dalius suggests it is wise to unwind timely to clear the mind off the negativity. Successful business people always treasure their alone time as it leads them to think about innovative strategies. You can use the downtime to reflect and plan your next tactic. It enables the leader to create a productive nature in themselves. In addition to that, business moguls do not depend on others for sources of happiness. Depending on profits or employees can turn sour. Therefore, it is wise to rely on oneself for the business’ success.

Transparency and secrecy

An entrepreneur mostly puts on a happy and contended mask to show the real face of their business. If you face a negative state of your business endeavor, you need to inform your close ones before burying in the pain. Sharing can lead to releasing the baggage from your shoulders. Entrepreneurs often put up a front to keep the investors, the employees, and other stakeholders’ confidence. It is fine until a certain point where you can face the brunt. However, if you think the situation is getting worse, it is wise to inform the team. Energizing the team and family to keep them unworried can harm them when they learn about the hidden adverse event.

Do not expect immediate results

Every activity needs time to provide the desired outcome. A successful business person is in it for the long haul. You should learn to foster patience in your tasks and await the result. Applying your energy and time in calculated doses can push you to celebrate each milestone you gain. Increment your success in measured quantities. A genuine change takes time, and all you need is a little patience to bear up with the changes. EJ Dalius suggests reinforcing your abilities and values in a way that will undoubtedly lead to your long-term goals.

The enormous psychological toll

The entrepreneurial journey is challenging, and most business leaders face a psychological toll of the same. The media always turns ordinary people to see the exciting and luxurious lifestyles of entrepreneurs. Not only amateur entrepreneurs but established business people struggle with their emotional and mental well-being. Depression and anxiety are a few mental disorders to name. Such conditions are often lurking around successful people who live in constant fear of failure.

Moreover, the psychological toll extends to the first-degree family members of the entrepreneurs. Unstable mental health can affect your relationships with family members in a negative way.  In light of this, taking note of your mental health is essential.   Mental health was a concern for almost 72% of the entrepreneurs, according to a study. The underlying relationship between depleting mental health and the entrepreneurial journey pushes us to focus on the cognitive and behavioral differences one faces.

The nature of the entrepreneurship journey is full of ups and downs. The chosen path needs constant attention and maintaining success and goals is a challenging task. By carefully scrutinizing each step, one can quickly spark optimism and strive towards their long-term goals.

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