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Eight tools to check your PC’s health

by John Saunders
11th Apr 19 11:07 am

Running into a PC problem can be very frustrating. Especially if you are newbie user. If you have run into a problem, you don’t have to go running to your tech guy just yet. It might look very complicated but with the right tools and a little bit of research, you can solve these issues on your own.

Eight tools to check your PC’s health

Even if you are basic user, you can diagnose your PC problem with the help of these PC health tools:

System explorer

System Explorer will give you an overview of your PC’s overall system performance. This is one tool that covers the function of many other tools. System explorer is free to download and use.

When you run system explorer, you will be able to see all active processors, drivers, services, files, IE Addons, Modules etc running on your PC. You can easily check for any suspicious files on your computer and delete if the software finds any. It will inform you about the unwanted processes running on your PC so you can delete them to improve your PC’s efficiency.

Reliability monitor

The Reliability Monitor is already inside your computer. Though many don’t use it but this monitor will help you figure out why system crashes are occurring.

To access Reliability Monitor on your computer, go to Control Panel > System & Security > Security Maintenance > Maintenance > View Reliability History. This will bring up a history of your system in a graphical way.

You can view what errors occurred in your system at different times. The red crosses represent the errors. The yellow triangles are warnings. You can click on both of these to get more information. Select the error that’s bothering you and click on check for a solution.

Wi-Fi analyser

If you are having issues with Wi-Fi connectivity and have ruled out the possibility of issues with the Wi-Fi device and service provider, then you can download the Wi-Fi analyser for free.

Once you install it, you will be required to run a diagnostic check. This will help identify problems with your Wi-Fi. The analyser will also offer your best position or channel for your router. This can help improve your Wi-Fi signals to improve your Wi-Fi connectivity and speed.


Experts recommended installing and keeping the WinDirStat application on your PC to keep track of your PC space and usage. Once your install it, periodically scan your data drive using this app. This app will tell you which files and folders in your computer are taking up the most space using a tree-based hierarchy.

Often times, we add files and folders in our computer and completely forget about them. We aren’t really using them but they are taking up a lot of space on our PC, impacting the PC’s speed. WinDirStat helps to identify these files and folders so you can delete them periodically and avoid them from clogging up undue space on your PC. We recommend monthly checks.

Resource monitor

How many times have you run out of RAM on your computer? For me, that happens quite a few times. With the Resource monitor, you can easily deal with this issue.

Resource Monitor works quite like the Task Manager, except that it’s more advanced and gives you a detailed overview of the situation. If your PC is freezing frequently, you can launch the Resource monitor to understand what system or application is using the most of your PC space and memory.

ESET SysInspector

If you can’t figure out what’s wrong with your system, then install ESET Sysinspector to do it for you for free. This software will scan your entire PC and diagnose all that can be wrong. It can scan for software problems, suspicious files and folders, outdates drivers, incompatible hardware and devices, registry problems etc.

Malware Bytes

Malware Bytes is one of the most popular software to protect your PC from malware, viruses and other online threats. Malware Bytes is simple to install and use. Once you install the software for free, you can run a check by pressing scan. At the end of scan, the app will give you a detailed overview of the threats on your computer, from both online and offline sides.

Malware Bytes isn’t really free to use. When you install, you get a 14-day free trial. After that, the software will do its routine scans but to fix the issues, you will have to pay for the full version.

If while running any check your PC’s health, you end up with the problem then we recommend doing a Windows 10 system restore. This will restore your PC to the original setting and you can go back to your PC’s health checks.

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