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Diversifying your income with money-making apps

by John Saunders
20th Jul 22 9:20 am

Let’s face it: no millionaire got to where they are now by simply saving what they brought home from their 9-to-5s.

Having multiple income streams that include side hustles and passive earnings is not only the straightest way to building wealth but also a great idea for those who simply wish to boost their financial security by diversifying their income sources and relying less on each individual cash stream.

Why millions miss out on making more money

A lot of people stay away from extra earning opportunities due to believing they always come with a ton of prerequisites. And this certainly is true in some cases:

  • To invest in stocks or crypto, you will have to start by spending some money upfront
  • To start a side hustle, you might need to invest in supplies and/or premises
  • To write a book or create an online course, you need to have a certain skill and/or knowledge

Additionally, all of these options will require you to sacrifice a rather big chunk of your free time. Because of this, it might not be an option for busy people like students, parents, etc.

Starting small with money-making apps

If you’ve never dipped into alternative earning ideas before, seasoned finance professionals would typically advise you to start small, which means investing a little effort and earning a little money instead of diving into side hustles headfirst. This way, you can warm up to the idea and see how much time you can realistically dedicate to making money on the side.

Using specialized money-making apps is one of the easiest ways to start earning a little in your free time. With actions as simple as watching videos, completing surveys, or testing various features on websites or apps, one can make a few extra pounds without even feeling like doing anything different from their typical scrolling.

Another option is to use desktop or mobile applications to make the more orthodox side hustles easier to maintain and save time in one’s everyday life. This includes not only data tracking for processes like stock or crypto investing but also connecting with clients and signing up for freelance projects on the go.

Discovering new apps that pay

The choice of money-making apps is rather wide, and still, it keeps growing every year. While almost everyone has heard of Robinhood or Swagbucks, there are new players and companies entering the market – and in addition to that, the constantly improving technologies allow for completely new ways of generating income to appear. With some of them, active work – easy or not – is no longer required overall!

Honeygain is an internet-sharing application that pays its users for sharing their excess internet bandwidth with the network. Technically, a user does not have to do anything to make money, aside from running the app on their computer, tablet, or smartphone with a strong and stable internet connection. They can, however, boost their earnings by using the referral program or playing the daily in-app lottery called Lucky Pot.

What to look out for

Since using money-making apps includes dealing with sensitive information (i.e., financial data), the market is unfortunately also ripe with scams. Here’s a quick reminder on what to focus on when selecting a reliable money-making app:

  • Reputation: check the app’s social media pages and reviews its users have written online. Independent websites like Trustpilot are a priceless source of information when it comes to earning apps: if a certain app doesn’t pay as promised or has useless customer service representatives, the web will hear about it in no time.
  • Experience: the longer a certain app has been available on the market and the bigger community of loyal users it can boast, the less likely it is to be a scam. A registered trademark is also a good sign of stability and serious future intent.
  • Payouts: make sure the app offers reliable payout methods, such as PayPal. Some apps now offer crypto payments, too, which is great in terms of transparency and earning potential. Gift cards are also a popular option – just make sure they’re from a trustworthy merchant!
  • Security features: it’s always a good idea to opt for apps that offer extra safety measures like 2-factor authentication or ask to provide as little personal information when signing up as possible.

There surely are ways for the average Jane or Joe to make some extra cash without having to sacrifice a ton of time and energy. Plenty of side hustles and passive income opportunities can help you pad your bank account without too much extra effort on your part. We suggest checking money-making apps out as a first step – they’re sure to come in handy when you need a little extra spending money!



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