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Disgraced Matt Hancock’s career is likely finished over ‘hypocrisy and hubris’

28th Jul 21 11:55 am

The former disgraced Health Secretary, Matt Hancock has had a vote of “no confidence” as the Suffolk MP had “neglected the best interests of his constituents.”

This comes as Hancock was caught breaking his very own lockdown rules as he was caught having an affair with his married aide.

A resolution which was passed by Councillors in Newmarket said the disgraced former Health Secretary had demonstrated “demonstrated hypocrisy and hubris in the pursuit of his own interests.”

The Mayor of Newmarket, Michael Jefferys, who is a member of the Labour Party passed the motion and cast his vote to pass the motion.

There were four abstentions, with five Town Council members voting in favour of Jeffery’s motion.

Jefferys said, “For someone in such a responsible position to then behave in the way that he has is for me the last straw.”

Last month Hancock was sensationally caught on “kiss cam” embracing his aide Gina Coladangelo in a passionate kiss.

Images of married Hancock and married Coladangelo were first reported by the Sun newspaper which forced the former Health Secretary to resign.

At the time, the Sunday Times reported that Hancock’s poor wife Martha, 44, had considered their marriage as “happy and stable,” who is now furious as she has been battling long Covid she caught from him.

Hancock took Coladangelo with him to the G7 meeting with health Ministers, in Oxford from 3 to 4 June, it was reported.

In June a Cabinet source launched a scathing a humiliating attack on the former Health Secretary, who told The Sunday Times, “She went with him to the G7 health ministers summit.

“Did he disclose this to the PM?

If it was shown he was shagging on the taxpayer he had to go.

“He’s been puritan-in-chief in the government and now it turns out he’s a massive, lying hypocrite.”

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