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Did you know you have £60m stuck on unused Oyster cards?

by LLB Editor
30th May 14 11:13 am

Londoners have a staggering £60m stuck on dormant Oyster cards, new figures have shown.

The figure has grown since last year when TfL admitted that £46.6m of the public’s money was sitting on dormant Oyster cards.

Commenting on the latest figures Caroline Pidgeon said: “Transport for London will claim that they have reduced some of the bureaucracy in allowing people to finally get their own money back, but in reality the Mayor and TfL have done hardly anything to even inform the public that they are entitled to claim back their own money.

“Every day the public are bombarded with TfL advertisements and information campaigns on a whole range of issues, yet when did anyone recently hear from TfL that they were holding millions of pounds of public money which people have every right to claim back?”

“It is time the Mayor and Transport for London devoted time and effort into informing the public about their right to claim back their own money.”

Shashi Verma, TfL’s Director of Customer Experience, said: “Our customers tell us that this is a complete non-issue for them.

“Customers choose to hold on to spare cards with credit on them and infrequent visitors keep theirs for the next time they come back to London.”

He added: “TfL does not have a ‘cash pile’ – all our revenue is reinvested in improving London’s transport network.”   

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