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Defence Secretary warns it will be ‘very bad news’ for the UK if Starmer wins

12th Jun 24 9:55 am

The Defence Secretary Grant Shapps has warned on Wednesday that if Labour wins the general election this will be “very bad news” for the country.

It seems that the Conservatives are on the back foot and are desperately trying to stop Sir Keir Starmer from becoming the next Prime Minister.

Shapps said that Starmer cannot be allowed to enter Downing Street “unchecked” by Parliament.

Shapps told Times Radio, “In this case, of course, the concern would be that if Keir Starmer were to go into No 10 – it will either be Rishi Sunak or Keir Starmer, there’s no other outcomes to this election – and that power was in some way unchecked, it would be very bad news for people in this country.

“A blank-cheque approach, allowing someone to do anything they wanted, particularly when their particular set of plans are so vague, and they say ‘change’, but you have no idea what they actually want to change to, other than the fact that they’ve outlined plans which would cost £2,094 to every working family in this country.”

Shapps added, “It’s perfectly legitimate to say the country doesn’t function well when you get majorities the size of Blair’s or even bigger, and we would say there are a lot of very good, hardworking MPs who can hold the government of the day to account and we’d say those are Conservative MPs.”

Liberal Democrat Treasury spokeswoman Sarah Olney said, “The Conservatives have utterly failed to deliver the growth they repeatedly promised, instead presiding over stagnation and economic misery for hardworking families across the country.”

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