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Dawn Ellmore Employment investigate David Beckham’s new Miami logo

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13th Sep 18 9:10 am

The team at Dawn Ellmore Employment are always watching patent filings on both sides of the Atlantic for up-to-date news regarding innovations, technology and brands. It’s our job to be informed so that we can always stay at the cutting edge of our industry sector, intellectual property.

As well as being crucial for our role, following patent filings is also a fascinating way to stay one step ahead in all kinds of industries, including football.

Long wait

One of the trade mark stories we’ve been watching closely has been David Beckham’s eagerly awaited Miami-based football club logo and name. After much speculation, including trade mark filings for brand names including ‘Internacional Club De Futbol’, the Miami Major League Soccer team’s name was announced on 5 September 2018.

The official name is ‘Club Internacional de Futbol Miami’, and the final crest design is an emblem that the team says: “represents Miami’s international, diverse, inclusive, creative and ambitious spirit”.

Logo speculation

The footballing world has been speculating for a long time over the potential name and crest of the football team due to be launched by the former England captain in south Florida. A number of trade marks for Internacional Club de Futbol Miami were filed at the US Patent and Trademark Office over the past year, which gave tantalising hints and clues.

For example, designs filed by a company called MIPH, LLC, pointed towards new logos and names. Earlier this year, a trade mark application for ‘Miami Freedom’ was applied for, which has now been confirmed as the name for the future team’s new stadium.

Colour palette

The final crest design, which was emblazoned across the Miami Herald on Wednesday, 5 September, is almost exactly the same as the designs that were filed at the US Patent and Trademark Office in August.

Black, white and pink feature in the logo, which depicts great white herons with their legs intertwined to form a distinct letter ‘M’, and an eclipse. They are shown inside a black circular outline and at the bottom is MMXX, which are roman numerals for 2020, which is the year the team will start playing.

The official short name for the team will be Inter Miami CF.

Symbolic logo

Although a separate logo again was posted in both pink and black versions, which depicted a round sun with a crescent shape on the lower half, seven rays over the top and five stars beneath it, all with four points, this doesn’t appear to have made the final cut.

The chosen logo, according to a team letter aimed at fans: “symbolises the heritage of our city, the ambition of our people, and the solidarity of our community”. The letter was titled ‘Freedom to Dream’, and continued: “Above all, it marks another step we have taken on the journey to realising this dream together.”

According to the filed documents, the main shield logo is intended for use on an almost endless array of merchandise and collateral, including T-shirts and foam fingers.

Mystery solved

Past documents appeared to show that the name ‘Atletico Miami’ may have been considered at one time for a potential name for the club. And, while the club was approached for more information before the announcement, all they would reveal was that Doubleday & Cartwright, a design and media consultancy, are working on the uniform and logo for the new team. The agency is a major player, with Red Bull and Nike among its client base.

David Beckham said on the day of the announcement: “This is such a proud day for myself and the entire team. It’s an honour to announce the new name and crest to our fans – we are taking another important step in establishing our Club and today marks an important moment in the history of Club Internacional de Futbol Miami”.

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Luke Rehbein is an Associate Director, Patent and Trade Mark Recruitment Specialist at Dawn Ellmore Employment. Dawn Ellmore Employment was incorporated in 1995 and is a market leader in intellectual property and legal recruitment.

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