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Challenges of sales automation and how your team can prepare

by John Saunders
22nd Nov 21 10:15 am

If you’re a salesperson, you know that automation is fast becoming the new norm. It’s estimated that by 2025 as much as 85% of all customer interactions will be handled by machines.

Automation has been primarily introduced to save money and time for companies struggling with high turnover rates and expensive staffing needs. But what does this mean for your team? And how can they prepare?

Changes in the human resource requirements for salespeople

The changeover to automation requires even more training than before. For example, companies that utilize chatbots for sales outreach require their employees to be familiar with the language and tone of the bot and how it will respond to specific questions.

They need to know its limitations- what it can and cannot do and what will escalate an inquiry. And it’s not just about finding the right words for communication with bots, and other vulnerabilities need to be addressed as well.

When a customer reaches out via phone, chat, email, or text for service-on, any platform-it is vital that they don’t get lost in translation. Who answers the question? A machine or a person? Inevitably there will be times when your company cannot fulfill specific requests because it’s simply not possible due to cost or lack of technology.

That’s where companies need to quickly and confidently relay that information to the customer and move them on (or at least direct them) without leaving a bad taste in their mouth for trying.

Scaling issues

Sales managers need to be ready for the challenges of scaling automation. As your business grows, headcount is probably the last thing you want to add.

This means that when an automated system like a chatbot isn’t able to handle a customer inquiry, it needs to escalate so that it does not require human intervention but still gets the job done.

On the flip side of this, it is essential to make scaling automation an attractive benefit in recruiting and retaining top talent by providing training and finding the right automation tools.

LinkedIn is an excellent example of the platform to go to when you want to excel in generating high-quality leads. Find platforms favorable for B2B leads and Saas growth.

Need for a better sales management system

Next, your company should carefully consider whether or not they need to make a change to their CRM system. If you’re looking at scaling past 2-3 reps and breaking the 50-sale per rep mark, you may want to take a look at your CRM.

It should be designed for high-performing teams that plan on increasing their efficiency by managing your pipeline more efficiently, having better collaboration on average, and having higher close rates.

Salespeople need to go into the workforce, understanding that their jobs will be changing-and quick. They can either become obsolete or remain competitive by constantly re-educating themselves about new growth areas of automation, emerging technologies, and best practices of the top sales teams.

A perfect approach is developing a joint team with a consultant who can share more insights with others. You may consider the same for sales managers who have been conditioned to manage their teams with the traditional top-down approach.

In this case, a consultant or executive coach can help guide you into successfully scaling your team and not losing touch with your people along the way.

User buy-in

The fear of automation will lead to anxiety and an unwillingness to adopt new tools and processes if employees do not buy in. Be sure to take the time to understand what your users’ needs are, as well as which tools suit their personalities.

At times salespeople and managers alike must change the way they work to remain competitive. This is especially important in sales, where things evolve so quickly, and new tools for automation are continually introduced.

As a business, embracing sales automation is something crucial in your general progress. It helps you excel in time efficiency and accuracy in the sales missions. However, there are some hurdles to prepare for, such as the need to upgrade your staffing.

What’s important is making good use of automation tools and platforms such as LinkedIn? They help in Saas growth and B2B lead generation.

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