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Can your home affect your mindset?

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13th Aug 19 2:30 pm

Have you ever felt that being in a certain location affects your mental state? Think about how you feel in a busy, noisy shopping centre, and then compare it with being in a library or by the sea… Our surroundings definitely influence what’s happening in our minds.

This is something that it’s important to remember when styling or updating rooms in our home. How do you currently feel when you spend time in your kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom? Is it the feeling you want in that space?

Here are a few rules to consider in making sure your home gives you the right mindset.

  1. It’s hard to relax around untidiness and clutter. Most of us find it difficult to relax in a room that’s messy. Whether you’re the kind of person that will instantly leap up to tidy away the clutter, or prefer to leave it until tomorrow, it will have an effect on your wellbeing. Try to keep your relaxation rooms – the living room and bedroom – tidy and clean.
  2. Some rooms need to motivate! Not every room is a relaxing haven. Some spaces need to give you a boost. If you struggle to get going in the morning, make your bathroom an energising space with lots of light and pops of colour. Or perhaps you work at home? If so, make sure your study or office is inspiring and creative. This article about the psychology of colour is an interesting read.
  3. Make space. We often feel most at peace in an open space – the countryside, the beach, on a hill… so try to recreate that feeling at home. Put your desk or a sink in front of a window so you can look out at the world. Move your furniture to give you the most spacious feeling possible in a room. This article gives more space-creating tips.
  4. Let there be light. Studies show that bright light can improve symptoms of depression and anxiety. Make the most of natural light by adding mirrors around the home, and use lamps and spotlights to brighten up dark corners. Some people also like to be woken up by natural light, so choose more sheer curtains. But if you struggle to sleep, your bedroom could be one place to embrace the dark.
  5. Bring the outside in. Fresh air always improves our mood, so make the most of your outside space. Add a bi-fold door, create an outdoor seating area or just open up your windows to blow away the cobwebs – both symbolic and real! You can find lots of great ‘outside space’ ideas on Pinterest.

If there’s a room in your home that isn’t creating the right mood for you, now’s the time to make change. Creating a positive environment can have an amazing effect on your mindset. At soak.com we specialise in inspirational bathrooms for everyone. Pay us a visit and give your mind a boost.

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