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Can London businesses still benefit from print marketing?

by John Saunders
24th Jun 19 2:17 pm

A survey from 2017 revealed that 50% of millennials still pay attention to print advertisements (as published on Medium.com). In addition to this figure, print marketing still holds the honour of having the highest ROI of any other type of advertising. Although much of the attention surrounding advertising and marketing now focuses on online efforts, businesses in and around London are proving that print ads aren’t going anywhere any time soon. From the excellent results they produce to the trustworthiness of the medium, explore the current success being experienced by those who are using print marketing in 2019.

What kind of results are companies in London seeing from print marketing?

Print marketing is still making a significant impact on audiences across industries. From newspaper ads to direct mail, businesses across the area are leveraging the reliability of these kinds of campaigns. Some of the biggest success stories in recent years are the print advertisements that are displayed in the Tube network. Several years ago, Marketing Week reported on the incredible success that businesses have when marketing across the Tube. Among those who do not enjoy television ads or social media ads, 80% reported that they like the ads on the London Underground. Additionally, 2 in 5 people said that they make it a point to actively read advertisements when they’re on the train. The same source reported that this method of advertising has brought about “huge levels of positive engagement” to featured companies. Aside from this success story, numerous print ads from UK businesses and organisations have been named as being some of the most impactful in recent years by marketing experts. Featured businesses/organisations include Reflex Spray (for a campaign about the London Marathon), as well as the charity 28 Too Many.

Why does print marketing still work?

There are a number of reasons that businesses are still seeing such exceptional results from print marketing initiatives. Perhaps one of the most significant is that physical ads are still viewed by the majority of individuals as being more credible than online ads. In fact, one survey (published by Alliance Business Services) revealed that 56% of people find print ads to be the most trustworthy form of marketing. Additionally, the same source stated that 79% of households either look at or fully read direct mail. Since it is much more challenging to ignore physical ads, people (on average) pay more attention to them. On top of these statistics, experts from OnlineStamp.net cite the ease of sending and tracking print ads (in comparison with online ads) as yet another reason that businesses use this type of marketing. In recent years, technology has made it quicker, easier, and less expensive for companies to create incredible campaigns.

Industry recommendation: use a mix of print and digital for best results

Should London business owners favour one type of marketing (digital or print) over another? The current research says ‘no.’ When combining both print and digital marketing, many companies experience the highest ROI (as reported by MediaMax). There is growing evidence to suggest that print ads can deliver a boost to online ads. The reverse is true as well. As marketing and advertising continues to grow and evolve, businesses can still use print marketing to achieve favourable results.

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