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Business sectors thriving in the post-covid world

by John Saunders
20th Jul 22 10:20 am

In many ways, it’s inappropriate to celebrate businesses which were engendered or boosted by Covid-19.

However, as challenging and tragic the pandemic has been, it’s encouraging for the economy, individuals and communities that at least some businesses emerged stronger. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few business sectors thriving in the post-covid world.

Food delivery services

Did you buy so many takeaways during peak covid that you’ve had to invest in several pairs of elastic-waist trousers? According to Caterer Licensee, the British food delivery market is expected to reach £14.6 billion by 2025, an annual growth rate of +3.2% from 2022-2025. And as local delivery apps like Dunfermline Eats offer a cheaper alternative than well-known apps for small businesses, the boom can benefit more equitably.

Digital marketers

At the height of national lockdowns, hordes of brick-and-mortar companies scrambled to improve their digital presence in order to compensate for the lack of human traffic. Post-pandemic, some businesses have found that sticking to a remote model is far cheaper operationally, or they’re at least implementing hybrid working. McKinsey and Company confirmed that Covid-19 accelerated digital transformation by several years. And practically any agency specialising in web development, paid ads, app creation, copywriting and design has benefitted.

Travel support services

As the world opens up again, more of us are travelling for business. Flight cancellations due to understaffing mean that the return to (new) normal for the travel industry is far from smooth, but it’s happening all the same. Another potential barrier to international travel is certification – organising Covid-19 tests and Fit to Fly certificates can be time-consuming and complex. Which is why a service like Medical Diagnosis has stepped into the breach to provide support – it fast-tracks test results and generates certification so you can get moving and do business across borders without delay.

Hybrid events organisers

As fears over travelling and mingling with crowds remain after Covid-19, the events industry is another which has been forced to adapt or disappear. And now, it appears that the most robust model going forward will be hybrid events – where there’s a physical venue with live attendees, tied in with a virtual version of the same event which runs simultaneously. In-person and digital guests can interact with each other, and the potential number of attendees expands exponentially. If it feels like hybrid might be the best way forward for your own event, London University champions the model and offers venues with the aesthetic appeal and technological kit required to host bespoke hybrid events.

These business sectors have benefitted from the unique times we live in, although long-term success still remains unproven for some. Perhaps you’ve got an idea that seems perfectly suited to this time of transition? Let us know if that’s the case

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