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Build employee relationships that will last from the beginning

by Sarah Dunsby
14th Jul 23 10:10 am

The importance of building good relationships with employees can’t be understated. If employees don’t have good relationships with their employers, they’re not very likely to stick around for too long. They want to know that their employer cares about them and that they will treat them well. They want to feel like they’re a valued part of the company, and not just another cog in the machine. You may only have a limited amount of time to develop a good relationship with any employee, so it’s essential to start as soon as you can. There are several important steps you can take to start on the right foot.

Create a smooth onboarding process

Starting in a new job can often be intimidating, but it can also be rather tedious. Taking care of all of the necessary onboarding tasks takes time and can be annoying for people who want to get started in their new role. Using technology can help to make the process easier. At Learningbank.io, you can find out all about how the onboarding process can be made smooth and useful for the employee. A more engaging process is better for the employee and helps them start to form a positive relationship with their new employer.

Develop trust

Trust is vital to the development of good relationships between employees and employers. If there isn’t any trust, it’s difficult for employees to feel that they can do their jobs properly. While employees need to show that they are capable of doing their jobs, employers also need to allow them to work without hindrance. Trusting that your employees will do what’s asked of them gives them the freedom to work productively. On the other side, you also need to ensure employees trust you. Greater transparency is one of the best things to help create trust between you.

Give employees autonomy

Another factor that is related to trust is the amount of autonomy employees have. New employees might have some extra supervision and support when they first start a role. However, as they settle in, they won’t want to be micromanaged in a way that stops them from doing their job in peace. It’s important for them to have adequate direction and to be able to ask for support if they need it, but they also need the freedom to work independently. You might even give them the opportunity to start their own projects or take the initiative on certain tasks.

Show appreciation

All employees want to feel that they’re appreciated, and this should start early. Although it’s important to give small signs of appreciation, such as regularly saying thank you, that’s not all employees look for from their employer. They also expect you to show your appreciation in other ways, including through bonuses, raises, and the chance to progress with your company. The more you show your appreciation, the more employees will appreciate you.

Building employee relationships that will last is difficult, but it’s worth the effort to form strong relationships that will encourage good employees to stick around.

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