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Bugatti unveils €11m La Voiture Noir supercar

by LLB Reporter
6th Mar 19 12:12 pm

Bugatti has unveiled the €11m (£9.5m) La Voiture Noir supercar at the Geneva Auto Show.

The one of a kind La Voiture Noir supercar was launched to celebrate the car manufactures 100th anniversary.

In a press release, Bugatti said, “for the €11m (before tax) this unique car has already been sold to a Bugatti enthusiast.

“It is the most expensive new car of all time.

“The car enthusiast is fascinated by the Atlantic; with the Voiture Noire, he has acquired a vehicle that takes up the legend and carries the idea forward to the present day.”

The Bugatti supercar has 16-cylinder engine with six tailpipes.

Stephan Winkelmann, Bugatti president said, “There is no other car in the world with such an engine.

“It is not only extremely powerful but also beautiful to look at.”

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