Brrrrr: ‘Beast from the East’ set to plunge temperatures below freezing


Britain is set to face its coldest week in five years

Britain is set to face its coldest week in five years as a blast of cold weather— dubbed the “Beast from the East”— approaches the mainland creating icy conditions and plunging the temperatures below freezing.

London and the southeast are likely to feel particularly cold as polar continental air brings freezing weather from Siberia, the Met Office has said.

This “significant cold period” will last at least a week with temperatures across the country dipping to 3C and 7C over the weekend.

Meteorologist Alex Burkill told media: “Britain faces what we could call a significant cold period that is likely to last for much of next week and beyond.Temperatures will remain below 0C in some places dropping to minus double figures overnight.

“It will be similar to a cold period seen in spring 2013 and is very likely to be colder as it is slightly earlier in the year meaning the sun is not as strong.Significant snow showers will sweep the UK from Monday bringing heavy frost and the risk of widespread disruption. It is not possible to give exact areas at this time but wintery showers are likely to be widespread including London and the south east.”

Sky News also warns that winter winter is “far from over” and temperatures can hit 1C or 2C for most of the country, and -5C at night.