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Brits reluctant to relocate due to family

by LLB Editor
28th Oct 19 7:38 am

Nearly two-thirds of workers who are unwilling to relocate for work choose to stay put because they don’t want to move away from family, new research by the world’s largest jobs site Indeed reveals.

The survey of 2,000 employed people into their willingness to relocate for work found home is where the heart is, as family ties play a big role in people’s decision on whether to relocate. Among those who have never relocated, nor even considered it, 59% of men and 65% of women said the desire to stay near family was the primary reason they stayed put.

Family ties are strongest among those likely to have school-age children. In total, 70% of 34-44 year olds – many of whom also rely on grandparents to help with childcare – said they would not relocate for family reasons.

Other reasons not to move included not believing there was a chance of a better salary (25% of respondents), and it not being an option for their partner (18%).

By contrast Londoners often have very different reasons for not relocating elsewhere. Just under half (49%) have never considered relocating out of the capital because they don’t believe they could get a better salary if they moved. Living near family was a barrier to moving for just 38% of them, compared to more than 50% in every other region.

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