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Brexit timeline – what happens and when?

17th Jul 17 4:11 pm

Here is what you need to know

The first of four days in the second round of negotiation talks begun today as Brexit secretary David Davis and EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier met in Brussels.

Here is a timeline of important milestones in the Brexit process: 

June – July 17– Official negotiations on the UK’s withdrawal for EU begin and are expected to stretch to November 2018, with Davis and Barnier expected to meet once a month. 

September 17– German parliamentary elections will take place with Angela Merkel expected to be re-elected. With all the top leaders in Europe then in place they will decide between them what Brexit deal, if any, they will agree to.

Late 17– European Union (Withdrawal) Bill (known as the ‘Great Repeal Bill’) will go through parliament and will repeal the 1972 European Communities Act that took the UK into the EU and adopting EU laws. It will allow parliament to ‘amend, repeal and improve’ laws as necessary and will also end power of the European Court of Justice in UK.

October-December 17 – The EU hopes the first stages of the Brexit negotiation covering the main principles and exit terms will be concluded between this time. If sufficient progress has been made they will then begin to discuss the future relationship between EU and UK on issues such as trade and any potential transitional deal.

Late 17– Parliament passes the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill.

October 18– Barnier has said he hopes all talks including the future relationship and any transitional arrangements will be completed to get an exit deal agreed within 18 months of Article 50 being triggered.

Late 2018– Both Houses of Parliament will vote on the final Brexit agreement and either accept or walk away before it goes to European Parliament.

Late 2018– The European Parliament and EU Council then vote on the Brexit agreement.

March 19– Two years after Teresa May triggered article 50 is the deadline by which the UK is expected to leave the EU, unless the EU stated unanimously agree to extend the deadline. This is unlikely after Donald Tusk, president of EU council said on Twitter: “We don’t know when Brexit talks start. We know when they must end.”

April 19– The UK exit from the EU should be complete.

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