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Boris was back to his ‘larger than life’ self for final PMQs and made sure to assert his ‘dominance’ over Starmer

by LLB political Reporter
20th Jul 22 4:16 pm

As Boris Johnson appeared for his final PMQs on Wednesday in the House of Commons and told MPs in his final sign off “Hast la vista, baby. Thank you.

Body language expert Darren Stanton analysed Johnson’s appearance and revealed how the Prime Minister’s confidence returned.

Speaking on behalf of MyBettingSites, Darren Stanton reveals to us, “Today at PMQs, we saw the return of the Boris Johnson we knew in 2019 – the larger than life, animated, loud voiced character who loves to be the centre of attention.

“He was clearly determined to exit the house on his terms, but not before getting a few verbal jabs and punches in first.

“Compared to his last appearance, following news of his resignation, Boris was much more confident and we didn’t see those telling signs of anxiousness and unease, like continuously fiddling with his pen, like we have seen in recent weeks and months.

“Instead, Boris displayed what is known in psychology as gross motor movements, with Boris making lots of open palm gestures and power gestures, showcasing his dominance and authority by using his body to occupy a bigger space, as he spoke and attempted to undermine Keir Starmer as they faced each other.

“In his closing remarks, Boris interestingly tried to emulate Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator, using the catch phrase ‘hasta la vista’ – the implication being, although not explicitly said, that Boris will be back, suggesting he may have other plans up his sleeve.

“One notable thing that occurred during Boris’ closing speech was that when the back benches stood to applaud him, a significant amount of MPs did not clap – especially former Prime Minister Theresa May, who failed to stand or applaud, with doing so speaking volumes of her opinion of Boris and his time in office. Time will only tell what Boris has planned next.”

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