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Boris warned he is in ‘real trouble’ as Tory MPs could ‘decide to force him out’ which could ‘come next week’

31st May 22 2:40 pm

Boris Johnson has been warned that a vote of no confidence could happen as early as next week as his political career is in “real trouble” after senior influential MPs have publicly criticised him.

The former leader of the Conservative Party William Hague said the Sue Gray report “has been one of those sort of slow fuse explosions in politics.”

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On Wednesday a steady stream of Tory MPs backed a ballot and Hague believes that they could vote for no confidence in the Prime Minister as early as next week.

Today the much respected Tory MPs Sir Bob Neill, Conservative chairman of the Justice Select Committee and the former Cabinet Minister Andrea Leadsom has slammed Johnson.

Hague told TimesRadio, “Boris Johnson is in real trouble here and when an MP as reputable, as experienced and respected as Bob Neil, who we were just listening to gives that opinion that he’s just been given that very serious trouble for the Prime Minister.

“I think the Sue Gray report has been one of those sort of slow fuse explosions in politics, it’s still going along.

“A lot of people misread it really the events of last week as meaning the trouble is over, Boris is free and that’s actually not the mood in the Conservative Party that is very, very troubled about the contents of that report.

“So I think that Conservative Party will need to resolve this one way or another, obviously because to be an effective party, they either need to rally behind the Prime Minister they have got or they need to decide to force him out.

” I think they are moving towards either next week or around the end of June, they are moving towards having a ballot that looks like that.”

On Tuesday Conservative MP Dame Andrea Leadsom who had previously backed the Prime Minister said that there has been “unacceptable failings” from within Downing Street and “It is extremely unlikely that senior leaders were unaware of what was going on.”

Commenting on Leadsom, Hague added, “I said this was a slow fuse well well as such a letter from again a senior figure Andrea Leadsom.

“The fuse is getting closer to the dynamite here and it’s speeding up.

“So I think that’s just another indication the Conservative Party is moving faster towards a vote of confidence or no confidence a leadership ballot, which I said earlier could come next week or at the end of June or more, a few more letters like that and it will come next week.”

Dame Andrea concluded, however, “Each of my Conservative colleagues and I must now decide individually on what is the right course of action that will restore confidence in our Government.”

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