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Boris Johnson’s ‘Best PM’ rating down 4pts in Savanta ComRes June political tracker

by LLB political Reporter
17th Jun 21 4:30 pm

The latest wave of Savanta ComRes’ monthly Political Tracker sees an improvement in fortunes for Sir Keir Starmer and the Labour Party.

The Leader of the Opposition sees his net favourability rating up 9pts from May (-18%), but is still on -9%.

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has moved in the opposite direction and is down 8pts to -2% for June. This is the first time his personal favourability rating has dipped below 0% since Feb 2021 (-2%). Matt Hancock’s rating has also fallen since May, down 6pts to -8%.

Rishi Sunak is now the only government minster tracked who has a positive net score (+19%).

‘Best PM’ rating

Also encouraging for the Labour Leader is his ‘Best PM’ rating, up 4pts from May to 28%, while Boris Johnson fell by the same margin to 44%. However, with 16pts between the two, it’s clear that Starmer still has his work cut out to close the gap.

Party Characteristics

  Con Lab
Are divided 17% (+3) 29% (-4)
Are united 14% (-2) 10% (+4)
Has good leadership 18% (-2) 12% (+3)
Has good policies 16% (-3) 14% (+3)
Understand issues facing the country 19% (-4) 19% (+6)
Understand issues facing ordinary people 14% (=) 21% (+6)
Understand issues facing society’s most vulnerable 12% (-1) 20% (+5)
Can be trusted with schools & education 13% (-4) 17% (+3)
Can be trusted with the NHS 19% (-1) 25% (+3)
Can be trusted with the economy 22% (-1) 12% (+2)
Can be trusted with the environment 14% (=) 12% (+1)

Westminster voting intention

These positive figures for Starmer and the Labour Party come alongside Savanta ComRes’ latest Westminster Voting Intention which sees the Conservatives falling by 4pts from last week to 41% of the vote share, while Labour gained 2pts and are on 34%.

The Liberal Democrats are level with last week on 8%, while both the Greens and SNP gain 1pt apiece and are on 6% and 5% respectively.

Commenting on the findings, Chris Hopkins, Political Research Director at Savanta ComRes said, “Our latest Political Tracker indicates that, while support for the Government’s delay of the roadmap may be high, perceptions of both the Conservatives and their ministers have taken a hit, with both favourability ratings, Best PM rating, as well as Westminster Voting Intention falling since last month.

“Of course, Starmer and the Labour Party have a long way to go in tackling the Conservative’s healthy lead, but while many commentators seem doubtful that issues such as Dominic Cummings’ revelations or court rulings on mishandled PPE contracts will cut through with the electorate, our data indicate that the general public, beyond the ‘Westminster Bubble’, might be starting to pay attention.”

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