Big deal! Billionaire Bill Gates impressed by Musk’s AI bots


Find out what this ‘huge milestone’ is

Elon Musk’s artificial intelligence research company, OpenAI, has created five bots that are not only capable of playing an online multi-player game “Dota 2” but can also destroy humans teams at the game in a number of battles.

That means the AI-powered bots received “100 human lifetimes of experience every single day,” OpenAI’s chief technology officer Greg Brockman told The Verge.

This achievement has caught the eye of tech visionary and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who has lauded this ability to build team-work into AI:

He tweeted: “This is just one of the many amazing projects I had a chance to see at @OpenAI, where they’re working to ensure as many people benefit from AI as possible,” Gates replied to his first tweet in a thread.