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Bed bugs heat treatment

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7th Aug 20 12:19 pm

Living with a bedbug infestation? Worried how you will treat this problem? Have you considered bedbug heat treatment in London?

Why might I need bedbug heat treatment?

Bedbugs are one of the trickiest creatures to get rid of; they hide in the smallest crevices and can be undetectable by the naked eye.  Recent studies have shown that London bed bug populations through evolution have developed an incredible resistance to most chemical insecticides – due to failed treatments building up resistance, which is why many are now turning to heat treatments.

What is a bedbug heat treatment?

A bedbug heat treatment is a chemical free method to treat bedbugs. This is an excellent solution for home-owners that are concerned about using chemicals within their homes. Heat treatment is also the best way to tackle an infestation due to the pests not being able to build up a resistance to heat, unlike chemical insecticides. 

How does a heat treatment work?

Essentially, heat treatment works by targeting a temperature of 50°C for two hours on the insect. Bed bug heat specialists gradually heat the infected rooms with a diverse range of convection heaters. The hot air is then circulated around the rooms and allows all of the nooks and crannies to be penetrated by the heat. When the bedbug is heated up to around the 45°C mark, the DNA begins to break down and the cell stops functioning as it usually would do, meaning the bedbugs are no more! Heat treatment is also an excellent way to treat bedbugs in all of their stages, including and most importantly, the eggs! The use of heat treatments is an eco-friendly option and allows homeowners to get back into their rooms straight after the treatment with no need for cleaning furniture or walls down. An excellent option for bedbug removal in our opinion!

How long does a heat treatment session take?

For the effective removal of bedbugs it can be completed in a day. The benefits of bedbug heat treatment are the ability to get back into your rooms that same day. Rooms need to be vacated whilst the heat treatment is under taken, but is for the most undisruptive compared to chemical treatments which require multiple visits and longer amounts of time vacating the property.

What is the success rate of a bedbug heat treatment?

According to Bed Bug Treatment Pros the success rate of heat treatment, when done properly, is 100%. Heat treatment will kill the bedbugs and their eggs instantly, meaning there is no need for re-treatment or waiting for the bedbugs to die.  Like the idea of this eco-friendly, safe but effective treatment? We would highly recommend it for total extermination and peace of mind that those nasty critters won’t be bothering you in the night anymore! 


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