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Are these the best team bonding activities during lockdown 3.0?

by John Saunders
19th Jan 21 4:01 pm

With pubs, bars and restaurants closed until further notice, companies are looking for increasingly innovative ways to socialise and create bonds with their colleagues and team members.

In fact, for a lot of managers and organisations this is essential to keep morale high, boost motivation and make sure that employees feel valued and appreciated.

There are a number of businesses and concepts that have emerged during the covid lockdown in the last 10 months – either as new or existing businesses and they have created an effective way to do team bonding, as highlighted below.


Known as the ‘deliveroo of meal kits,’ Plateaway is an online aggregator of restaurant meal kits, created by either established restaurants or entrepreneurs.

A meal kit consists of all the ingredients needed for a restaurant quality meal – and customers have the fun opportunity of putting them together with a recipe, step-by-step.

From sushi kits to cookie dough, this is perfect for a team bonding session, where every can follow the steps using Zoom or another web conferencing platform and then sit down and enjoy the meal together!

With more than 50 restaurants participating, Plateaway offers meal kits starting from £4 to £111 per kit!

Steamed Egg

One of the early innovators in remote team bonding sessions, Steamed Egg started over 3 years ago using virtual headsets and zoom to allow remote teams to play games and contests together.

Once featuring on This Morning with Holly and Phil, companies can choose from 6 games provided by Steamed Egg that test trivia, knowledge and more.

Guests can use a VR headset or just by logging onto Zoom – something that has already been used by teams working at Sky, AXA and HSBC.

From just £24 per person, you can choose from packages ranging from 30 mins to 4 hours – and up to 125 guests can play at one time.

Taste cocktails

If you are missing ‘after work drinks,’ then TasteCocktails is the one for you. Make your favourite alcoholic or non-alcoholic concoctions with a full make-your-own-drinks kit.

Another company that has been running for 5 years, they have seen huge growth in 2020, with the founder claiming that they did just £360 worth of sales in January, but £75,000 in December 2020.

Send a drinks kit to all your team members – use all the ingredients provided, following the recipe and cheers today through whatsapp or zoom.

Drinks from TasteCocktails start from £16 and include popular favourites such as mojitos, the bramble and a range of gin kits too.

Dress up and socialise

Another idea catching on for team bonding is having a formal social, but through Skype or Zoom. Get dressed up in your finest suit or cocktail dress and share a lovely meal through the computer as a team.

You won’t have to worry about who is driving home or getting up too early the next day. But if you are creative, you could have a theme such as swinging 60s or Gatesby.

One more thing to keep your team close during this lockdown period!

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