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Appy pie set to revolutionize customer service industry with its upcoming live chat software

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25th Jul 19 9:14 am

Customer retention is key to the success for any business, be it an SMB or a Fortune 500 company. While big corporations have the right set of tools and experience, small businesses are often seen struggling when it comes to delivering a good user experience and retaining customers. Live chat software is one of the most effective ways to help small businesses achieve this feat and get their sales and revenue rolling up.

Appy Pie, the DIY mobile partner of millions of small businesses worldwide, is all set to make a mark in the customer service industry with its live chat software, which will allow businesses to deliver a great user experience with their own live chat system. Users don’t need to have any technical knowledge or hire a techie to integrate live chat on their apps or websites. They just need to sign up and subscribe with Appy Pie to get their own dashboard and add the software key in their website or app source code.

Simple, yet powerful, the live chat software is designed to help small businesses improve customer retention, by letting them easily and conveniently reach out to their customers and serve them with the best, and that too in real-time. This quick and advanced way of connecting to customers can even help customer service representatives save their time involved in following up with customers over emails. Not just this, it can also prove to be beneficial for customers in reaching out to the businesses and getting instant solutions for their queries.

The upcoming live chat software is yet another smart solution from Appy Pie that will help small businesses increase sales and conversions, reduce costs, proactive outreach, build long term relationships with customers and much more. The interesting part about Appy Pie’s live chat software is that it is easy to customize, i.e. users can adjust it to fit their exact live chat needs. Expected to be cost-effective, Appy Pie’s live chat software will not only work wonders for small businesses in delivering better user experience, it can also help them get word-of-mouth recommendations, and shout-outs on social media from their customers.

The leader in no-code technology, Appy Pie is preferred by numerous small and medium sized businesses due to the ease with which users can create apps and websites on their platform. Now with the launch of their live chat software, Appy Pie is all set to expand its roots in customer service industry and assist small-to-medium-sized businesses in meeting their customers’ expectations and staying ahead of the competition. An AI powered DIY platform, Appy Pie also helps start-ups save thousands of dollars with its workflow automation services, enabling them to create a greater impact with less efforts by adding speed, consistency, and visibility to their workflow.

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